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Mirrormount Ruled by House Mondragon.
A dwindling city of 1,810 souls, its income is from the snow-leaves and vineyards on the slopes, and copper ore from the last mines in the area.

Mirrormount takes its name from the glorious fortress that stands incongruously just to the north, on a high bluff- the vast edifice is an odd creation. Some of its older towers feature odd spires with polished stone that still shines and shimmers in the light--a feature from a time before Asserya. Silverhall is its name, but many others call it Mirrorfell these days as the silver that once flowed into this vast holding from western mines is long gone, lost to Elonia with the final settlements of the Border Wars

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   ♕Royal Progress (3.17.331-????)

   ♕Bandit Attack (4.17.331)
The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 4.2.31 | Honey Nut Buns and Spiced Wine | Late Afternoon, Open

Upon the arrival of the Royal Court, Valisa could not help but be swept up by the excitement of it all. They all looked exhausted which made sense knowing how difficult it was to navigate over the terrain towards Mirrormount, but upon their arrival there would be much wine, much soothing as the Royals and their entourage settled down in the city. They were definitely all going to be cramped together like sardines until their departure.

The Vellfyres were all so very handsome, men and women both. Blond...like her. It made her uneasy, but she kept her own counsel on such thoughts. Despite what Jacen thought, she probably would not mind if her absent father was some poor knight with no house, no wealth or no real ambition for the alternative sounds even more stifling.

She decided to offer her assistance to Lady Meryssa and Freya to ensure all of the preparations were taken care of especially for the celebration this evening. The players were tuning up and she gave the banquet hall a once over. Not too shabby... she thought to herself as she went into the kitchen which was already in full swing.

"Belinda! I am starved!" She said as her stomach also took that moment to growl punctuating her state of being.

"Ach, dearling, here here, have a few, but get out of d'kitchen lest one of these mush brains runneth thy over," the cook said as she glared at two scullery maids who were tittering about instead of attending to their duties.

"Ode to the gods, bless thou kind heart," Valisa exclaimed as a few honey nut pastries were placed in a napkin and given over to her along with a flagon of spiced wine. Without any argument, Valisa took her treasure, a cup for the wine and the wine itself and dashed off as if she was still a girl playing with dolls.

She walked to one of her more favorite courtyards concentrated in sunlight at this time of day and the foliage tended to with the flowers that she recommended along with how peaceful it was in its seclusion and she sat down on the bench opening up the cloth, poured a cup of warm spiced wine and took a bit out of the bun tasting a little bit of heaven.
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