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Default (01.1) Illegitimate Children / Legitimization

Children born out of wedlock are not in line to inherit any property from their fathers, unless the father appeals to the king to legitimize them (in the case of noblemen), and goes to the local judicial authority to have it declared.

If a father wishes to admit his paternity without also admitting the child into the line of inheritance, he may acknowledge them formally by taking them into his household or making a gift of money to ensure the child's upbringing. Similarly, any noblewoman having given birth to a bastard must either from its infancy ensure its place in her household, or make a gift of money if she wishes the child to be legally recognized as her own.

A father (or mother) of an illegitimate child may specify that he/she wishes to leave personal money or belongings to an illegitimate child in his/her will without recognizing them formally but without the backing of a holy order, the child may lose claim upon those inheritances if the legitimate heirs appeal to the local lords.
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