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Kingsreach Home to the king and his court, the 'reach is a warm and lovely landscape, where nobles love songs, chivalry, and pageantry.
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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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(Lord) Gareth Agrivale
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Default 5.08.31 | Oh, Look Here! | Elijah, Gareth [closed]

Gareth supposed it wasn't surprising that Elijah had already departed for Blacktide the day before. His father prattled on and on about a disconcerting letter that his son didn't give him details on, but suffice it to say, Elijah had done the thing he'd have expected of the hot head. He took off to play knight in white armor. Of course, the hot-head wound up doing something he wouldn't have credited him with. He didn't take off on a horse by himself to brandish a sword single-handedly against the Wolfes. Good. His own party was small. Not at all the might of Oldcastle, even as it stood. So Vaughn saved him some trouble... But that he saved him trouble... What the fuck was in that letter?

He would travel much faster than Vaughn. They were fewer. And ere long, he caught sight of an encampment that flew the right colors. "Tell your lord that Gareth Agrivale, Lord of Oldcastle has come and is requesting a word," he said as he approached the camp's edge.

It didn't take long. The familiar blond that he'd spent so many years being jealous of approached, not looking half so confused as he expected. "Lord Elijah," he greeted, giving him a slight smile. "How fortunate to have caught up to you. I've been by Shadowdale, but your lord father told me you were venturing to Blacktide. You should know... the roads are dangerous."
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(Lord) Elijah Vaughn
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He was hunched over a crudely drawn map, Mark and Gavin standing slightly behind him when one of the servants entered to tell him that Gareth was asking to see him. At first, he was certain he'd misheard. The Lord of Oldcastle running into him along this road? That could be no mere coincidence. Elijah nodded and turned, not asking his squires to follow, but they fell into step behind him as he went to welcome Agrivale.

He nodded his head to return the greeting. "Lord Agrivale." That was going to take some getting used to. "You're... looking for me?" He stepped a little closer, brows furrowing. "I have heard as much. Which is why I intended to take a different road for these travels. But... it would appear you have come to warn me. What do you know, my lord?"
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elijah vaughn, gareth agrivale

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