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Letters & Correspondence This forum contains messages sent between characters. Include a number between 1 and 20 in the title along with date it's sent and recipients. The mods will reply first with when/if/or what state it arrived in. Recipients may then read, reply, and play off of it.

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Old 11-22-2015, 12:37 AM   #1
(Lady) Elizabeth Ambrosios
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Default 4.8 Sent to Cael Ambrosios, R: 12

Dear oldest, most important, wisest brother of mine,

There, hopefully I have softened you up enough, and I can add in my apology that I haven't written in some time. I'm sure you haven't worried at all, of course, because I am your dutiful sister and I would never do anything remotely scandalous or misbehave. I am the soul of discretion and ladylike behavior.

Alright, I am sure you have stopped laughing by now. I want to add as well that I terribly miss you, Taran, and Connor, and my beautiful nieces and my nephew. Speaking of my nieces, it would be quite welcome to have one of them come and serve as my lady here in Tal Volorro. It is high time they visited court, don't you think? They would be most welcome, and may yet catch the eye of a good, solid House. Shawn is doing so well here. I enjoyed seeing him through the winter, while his knight, Lord Ryam, was in residence. Shawn even developed a bit of affection for one of my ladies. It was most sweet. Lord Ryam seems very pleased with Shawn's enthusiasm and his dedication.

I must be serious for a time, however. I am writing you this time primarily because my dear friend and kind lady, Princess Ziamara, will be traveling to Blacktide now as I write this. She is returning with the sad tidings of Ser Worthing Wolfe's demise, and she escorts his remains to his homelands. I am most concerned about her reception there in Blacktide, and I beg of you to support her as needed. For the king to send one of his children directly shows his regard for House Wolfe, but it will still be a sad and trying time for them all. I trust implicitly that your wisdom and your deft hand in such matters will be greatly appreciated.

I hope to perhaps see you next winter, when Princess Valencia has had time to recover from childbirth and can spare me for a visit. Give my love to the family.

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The Oracles
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The messenger is delayed a day when his horse throws a shoe. The next day he loses one more day because his horse throws another shoe. The day after he spends ill from the stew at the inn. He arrives in Ironshore on 4.15 but the letter is undamaged.
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Cael Ambrosios
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Default R: 15


I will take both matters for consideration.
I will convey your greetings to the family.
Take care,

C. A.
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cael ambrosios, elizabeth ambrosios

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