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Letters & Correspondence This forum contains messages sent between characters. Include a number between 1 and 20 in the title along with date it's sent and recipients. The mods will reply first with when/if/or what state it arrived in. Recipients may then read, reply, and play off of it.

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(Princess) Ziamara Fairchild
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Default sent 4.17 to Carolei and Lenore (r:18)

Ziamara dispatches the presents and notes with a messenger to Solarii, with instructions to entrust the presents to Lady Solvitreo to be given whenever Lenore and Carolei arrive there.

Carolei's package: a fine veil with silver embroidery.
Lenore's package: a dress of blue linen brocade lined in green linen. Gold silk edges the sleeves and collar.

Lenore's Letter:
I pray this is not ill-suited. I had it made by your usual seamstress in Volorro but I am sure you can take in or let it out if the traveling has wrought some great change in your figure. I saw the material and could not but think of you and had to see you in it.

How are you enjoying your trip? Write me soon for I fear father's bound to find the joys of Solarii far too intoxicating to bother traveling toward Blacktide anytime soon. In any case, I hope you forgive its tardy arrival on the grounds of having a new dress greet you at the Solvitreo court. I tried to make sure it meets the current Southron fashions.

Send Jason my love, and Kain and Kellan. I don't know if my letters have gotten to any of them, or if they've just been too busy to write.


Carolei's letter:
Do tell me you haven't leapt from a mountainside in sheer frustration by now. I cannot imagine a household full of such youth is not grating on your nerves... but forgive them. And drink. And tell my brother not to frighten all his subjects by scowling all the time.

I know you will look stunning in this veil and I didn't think you've have remembered to pack one in such a rush from Cliffton. Forgive me for the churlishness of those arrangements, cousin. I love you and your brother and would never have summoned you all so swiftly had it not been of terrible importance. I know I've said all this before but I still hate how brusque father was about it. I promise not to abandon Ryam to the four winds.

Be sure to break some Southron hearts while you're there. They well deserve it.

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The Oracles
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Arrives on 4.18 with little drama. Rather, no drama. In fact, the messenger was a bit surprised that absolutely nothing happened. Seriously... Not even dead winds. Everything went as it was supposed to. He even managed to take a bit of a nap along the way for making such good time. He was told if he wanted adventure, agree to carry messages for the royal family... Something exciting ALWAYS happened, they told him. This was crap! He almost considered dropping packages if only to scuff them... But he did not dare, and even they arrived in near perfect condition...

After he dropped the packages off, the messenger left to find something more exciting to do... Like pushing a rock up a hill and trying to outrun it on its way back down...
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carolei vikary, lenore vellfyre, ziamara fairchild

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