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Letters & Correspondence This forum contains messages sent between characters. Include a number between 1 and 20 in the title along with date it's sent and recipients. The mods will reply first with when/if/or what state it arrived in. Recipients may then read, reply, and play off of it.

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Default Sent to Ryam Vikary, 2.20 (roll 20!)

Dearest friend,

I was so glad to receive your letter, as you are sorely missed here. It was not so lonely when much of the court remained. Prince Jason and his household have left for Summerhall, so I am missing my former goodbrother and much of Parissa's retinue. In a scant month's time, the whole of the King's Court will be gone, and I shall be left with a few sour ladies and a very unhappy Princess. I am torn between wanting to keep her cheered, and wanting to come and see Cliffton. Either way, she has granted her permission, and I can come visit for few days. There was a suggestion that I may come for a few days after the Court has departed, since I will be needed until then.

Kess would be most excited to come visit, but my cousin must know that I will be watching him. It is my duty, as his elder, and also because I love the scamp. Also, you can tell Sa'idi that I have been a terrible influence and have taught a few of my fellow ladies some games, so that my skills do not become rusty. I have yet to bring any of them to the meeting place, however. That is a battle I must yet brave alone, for I shall not let Bridget reign supreme!

There are a great many other things I wish to speak to you about, but I do not trust those contents to a letter. Suffice to say, I feel my judgement lately was as poor as yours, and I am duly chastened for it. I told you it would come to naught, and sure enough, so it has.

Write back quickly, my friend, so that I know I will be welcomed. I look forward to seeing your mother, and the puppies, and all of Cliffton.

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elizabeth ambrosios, ryam vikary

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