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Default Kain Vellfyre

- Character Information -
Name: Kain Vellfyre
Titles, if any: Ser, Lord sometimes
Age and Birthdate: 305. 10M 17 (25)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: Vellfyre
Position at Court: Prince's son, professional. Also knight errant.

Appearance: 6'1, athletic build, dark blond hair and bright blue eyes. Kain tends to wear nice clothing even when traveling- embroidery, expensive fabric, semi precious stones all appear in his wardrobe. Yet his appearance is simpler now than it was before the war, more serviceable items in place of the fancy helms and dagged sleeves he previously would have sported.

A livid scar runs down the left side of his face from cheek to jaw, legacy of a Zakkish blade knocking his helm askew.and getting its pound of flesh. .

PB: Mike Vogel

Kain Vellfyre is an arrogant, vain dickhead. Or he was, before the wound in 329 that cut down one side of his pretty face. It was stitched carefully and neatly, but he is painfully conscious of it and compensates by figuratively puffing up his chest and acting out.

He's also got an uncertain temper, and Kain can nurse a grudge like it's a newborn puppy. He is ALWAYS ready to draw his sword and jump into the next fight, the next duel- avenge the next insult. And he might just fight to the death if he's in the mood to.

Kain is not exactly a people person- he cares about some people a great deal, but for him everything is very much divided into "us" and "them." People that aren't on his side just aren't worth considering all that much. He loves his siblings, cousins, family- he'll be warm and even kind toward those he values but tends not to realize other people may have feelings.

On this note, he is free to insult his family and bait them, tease them, torture them etc... but he will put his sword through someone's eye if they upset his kin. He's often in a rivalry with Jason, especially when it comes to fighting. He treats his sisters with more gentleness, and Gavin is one of the few people who can cow Kain into backing down. At home, he's usually found with Kellan or Ziamara.

305: Born and called Button, for his nose apparently. A couple months later, a girl cousin is born, called Applecheeks.

306: His cousin Valencia is born. Kicker, Buttons, and Apple become Kellan, Kain and Ziamara . Gareth Meadows, age 3, arrives to live with the Vellfyres.

307: His sister, who will be named Leandra, is born. Lyenthe Vikary dies.

308: Prince Rollant is sent off to foster.

309: Prince Jason is sent off to foster. Ziamara cries a lot and Kain alternates pulling her hair and trying to be nice.

310: Gareth Meadows leaves to foster in Oldcastle.

311: Kain's education begins after the nurse threatens to quit if something is not done to occupy the child from the trouble he keeps finding. Winona Wolfe arrives to foster w/ the Vellfyres.

312: Prince James dies. Bryce brings Jason and the royal children all to Summerhall where they will remain most of every year after. Rosina is sent to Blacktide to House Wolfe. Bryce suggests Kain foster too but Whitney puts her foot down. Kain begins learning weapons and fighting from the royal guards at Summerhall. He has a temper and the changes in his environment make it notably worse for a few months.

313: The twins become squires.

314: Shiera Veracora arrives to foster with the Vellfyres. Kain allows that as far as girls go, Ziamara can let that one play with them. Sometimes.

315: The Summer Fever sweeps through the shores. Whitney becomes ill. The kids spend all year in Summerhall.

317: Rosina returns to court, becoming a lady-in-waiting to Queen Charlotte. Kain becomes a squire to Ser Justin Morrow of the Kingsguard. Winona's fostering ends.

318: Bryce breaks his leg after Kyler Vellfyre's death. Kains voice starts breaking and acne happens. Girls get intensely interesting right as he gets totally uncute. LIFE IS HARD. He counters this by deciding he'll just WILL himself into being awesome. That's how that works, right? Rollant is back, now a knight because he did something epic. Of fucking course. Life is so hard.

319: Maternal grandfather dies, but he doesn't care. Ziamara is betrothed to some old guy. Kain realizes he may end up betrothed and hopes it's not to some ancient crone too that would be awful.

320: Winona becomes his mother's lady-in-waiting. Rollant gets banished to Summerhall over a fight with the king. Ziamara gets married. Jason withdraws from court quite a bit, mostly remains at Summerhall. Ser Justin is assigned to him, so Kain is with Jason a lot.

321: Shiera returns home to Seastone, not that he cares or anything. Jason wins a tourney and is knighted. Kane redoubles his efforts so that he too can win knighthood by something awesome.

322: Winona weds. Acne vanishing, his prowess with a sword increasing, growing into his over-large feet (or at least starting to), he starts to see how this whole girls thing might be awesome.

324: Kain is knighted. This is subpar and borderline unacceptable in his mind because he just gets knighted after gallantly riding out in a storm to find Lord Hayford's lost daughters, who had gotten lost while returning from the village, and were feared to have been taken by outlaws.

325: The war begins. Leandra weds Kyle Seyfert. Lord Hayford's daughter bears a suspiciously blond bastard girl. Oops. He sends word to his father he'd like to accept the kid, which is later named Zinnia.

326: Ongol Valley. Kain distinguishes himself by fighting on through wounds like he doesn't know they're there.

327: Red Dune. Blood everywhere, and Kain takes a few minor wounds. He doesn't talk about that battle. Not ever. He doesn't remember much of it, but he remembers the emptiness in his own head and the simple need to kill. After this, whispers that Kain goes battle mad start to circulate. He is recklessly brave- wading into enemy troops like he's daring death.

328. Garrett dies. Rollant dies. Abat-Charn is now his idea of hell. Kain's reckless bravery gets out of hand- he gets himself to the front of every charge, or in the vanguard. He stops taking prisoners, even if ordered to the prisoners seem to keep ending up dead. He can sit through the interrogations of enemy soldiers without blinking. He may or may not have ordered a few enemy scouts impaled on giant stakes here and there.

329: In Edolon, Rosina wed by proxy to some Merideen Prince. Jason is captured, and Kain is wounded in the 2nd siege of Abat Charn- it's a vicious gash in his chest, and another to the side of his face. His good looks ruined as far as he is concerned, he becomes more bitter- and more vicious in battle. He loses a squire, and a number of friends here as well.

330: Rhot-Charn. In six weeks, Kain loses half the men in his command and starts piling Zakkish heads up in pyramids where the sentries on the walls can see them. Stands within sight of the gates and tortures a few Zakkish soldiers for a bit too. The victory feels hollow but the last gasp of the battle sees him raging through a Zakkish palace, killing anything that moves. Returns home. Sees Rosina sent off.

- Valet: Hercule
- Squire: Tristifer Galveston
- Squire: Marc Allendale

- Player Information -
Name: Khaleesi
Preferred contact method: PM the character account
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(Ser) Kain Vellfyre
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331: The 1M riots hit too close to home--literally. He rides out in the rescue attempt for the temples, only to discover Shiera Veracora was taken by rioters. He chases her abductors down into Firewell, and frankly... sets it on fire. >.> But he rescues the girl.. only Shiera's already badly injured and her mother insists on sending her home to Seastone rather than letting her recuperate in Tor Vellesca or even Summerhall. Kain isn't amused. He's also implicated in his cousin Lenore's divorce from her husband.

He accompanies the court on progress, is forced to wed Alys Fairwind in 4M (in a patched-together insta-wedding for ~reasons~), gets his arm broken in a bandit raid, and generally spends the whole time scrambling around because he's the acting marshal for the whole damn thing. He takes Amina Solvitreo as his mistress.
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kain vellfyre
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