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Kingsreach Home to the king and his court, the 'reach is a warm and lovely landscape, where nobles love songs, chivalry, and pageantry.
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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 3.21 evening, Delving - During the Feast, A Small Reunion - Carolei, Tyana (OPEN!)

Carolei had traveled with House Dane even though she should have known better but the alternative would have been one of her father's lesser bannermen and she wasn't interested in their ideas about the ending of her widowhood either. They arrived late, however- a few hours after the royal caravan. They were lucky to arrive before the gates were shut for the night and as it was, Carolei was in no shape to immediately attend the lord's entertainment.

She made a fashionably late appearance in the great hall, having taken extra care in the choosing of a Western styled blue dress with a modest neckline but slashed sleeves that showed off a far more ostentatious green brocade underdress. Most of the company were already dancing, so Caro let a page fill her cup with 'ridge-raised wine and started making her way among the people around the edges of the room.

It was with some shock she recognized a dark-haired lady she'd last seen by shifting lantern light in the depths of Tor Vellesca...

"Lady Tyana?" Carolei said, the name sounding as surprised as she felt. "I did not know Queen Charlotte had come with the king's court!"
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(Lady) Tyana Solvitreo
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Tyana decided upon a dark green dress foregoing any red colored gowns after one of hers was ruined by wine and dirt along with a hole. At some point, she snagged the skirt on something and it ended up having to be made into rags.

She had just finished a dance and escaped her partner while he went to gain refreshments. It made no sense for a dance partner to hover so and attempt to capture one person's attentions. All the while, she wanted to dance with as many men as she could to make up for the disaster that was Honeywell.

"Lady Carolei, a pleasure to see you again." She noticed the wine cup in her hand, but at least she was not traipsing about with a whole bottle that was half full. A giggle escaped as she leaned in closer to the lovely woman, "The queen has deemed me unworthy to accompany her to Trimeris." Then she leaned back and spoke naturally, "I am on loan to Lady Parissa's retinue for the time being. How are you faring, my lady?"
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