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Tor Vellesca The walls of the castle protect its inhabitants and often shield its secrets as well. Built just after the Asseryan Conquest it was one of the few buildings to make it unscathed through the war and is still filled with stunning mosaics, intricate frescoes, and statues from all over Anterra.
Supplied by the aqueducts that feed the city as well, the palace hosts countless fountains and even running water in some areas and enable it to support near 2,000 inhabitants. Picture

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   ♕Royal Progress (3.17.331-????)

   ♕Bandit Attack (4.17.331)
The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 2.16.31 Diamonds or Stones (terrace -during namesday feast - Elizabeth - open)

Exiting The Great Hall, the murmur of laughter, chatter and merrymaking could still be heard. Worthing walked with a lazy step, leading Elizabeth on his arm. The night air was cool, and dimness gave the surrounds a tranquil feeling. He took in a breath. The terrace was wet. It had rained that day, the evening only giving up in small patches. The sky was cloudy, and the air held an expectancy that more rain might fall.

Worthing breathed in a contented breath. "The air always smells better when there's rain." He grinned. "Watch your step, a puddle." He pointed to the left of the lady, where a particularly wet area of stone threatened her skirts. "Sorry, Lady Elizabeth... we may have done better to stroll along the corridors." He offered her an apologetic glance.
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"Ah, it's no worry. Our winter gowns will all be made over soon as it is," Elizabeth answered, blithely twitching her skirts out of the way. "I'm not joining the progress, so it will give me something to occupy my time, I admit." She grinned. "Perhaps I should ruin a gown or two, just to stay busy. Anyway, it was so loud in there, but you asked how long since I had been home. Sadly, it's been at least two years....maybe three. Do you ever miss the Iron Shore?" She took a deep breath of the cleansing air.
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