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Fairgrove A town of 3,958, ruled by a lesser branch of House Solvitreo and treated as Lord Solvitreo's summer retreat. Fairgrove is named for its citrus groves and located along the Godswash, a main transit route from the mountains to the Tal Solarii port.

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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 5.6 Noon |Into Town [Tyana]

The day was less wet than the last, the stones were damp or puddled but the sun was shining. Once again, decorate carried litters and carriages headed out to drag the rich and noble to the arenas. He too was headed into Fairgrove town, though not to the same destination. He had no interest in that form of ‘Shores entertainment but he had a bag of coin and knew there were other forms on offer. Travelling by foot, he wandered the road, warmed by the noon day sun and passing the famed groves that gave the town its namesake. A carriage went by him, he watched it. Its body teetered on an old wood wheel, bound to give out any moment. He was a sellsword but he knew his woodwork and a bad job when he saw on. He kept walking with his arm rested against his sword, eyeing it and waiting for it to disappear like the others that had gone before it.
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Despite being in Fairgrove, literally her home away from home, Tyana resisted the urge to just run off on her own. She got into a shouting match with Kyel, but he was the one that stormed off this time before she could do any real damage. Just seeing him made her want to chew nails and spit them out at him.

Dressed as a noble woman, she waved away the call of a litter, carriage, or horse and decided to walk. It would do her good to put up a unified front after all even though she could see herself tormenting and torturing Kyel until the end of days. It just made her feel better to see him in such misery better than that smug look that he often gave off unless he was attempting to charm another young and naive girl to lift her skirts and empty promises of love and adoration. She could not even care that there were others, it was the lies that really made her angry. At him, but more at herself for falling for his guile.

Tyana walked with no destination in mind as two guards walked behind her giving her some space. The maid that she procured in Westridge was in awe and it made Tyana smile knowing that if she was fascinated with Fairgrove, the words and thoughts would be snatched away when they are finally in Tal Solarii.

She was usually more aware of her surroundings and probably would have not been walking upon the road opposite of that defective wagon, but there were other things that weighed so heavily upon her mind that she was not paying much attention as she wondered what to do or say or who to even approach in order to find some form of plea on her family's behalf. Her uncles words also continued to bit at her and again wondered if she was still painfully naive and believed that people were chivalrous and ready to keep their word or if the King was even as terrible a pretender to get what he desired and fuck the rest.
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