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Blacktide The largest port city in Kingsreach, with a population of almost 36,000. Blacktide serves as a business center where trade and enterprise thrive. For whatever reason, the city is not exactly host to the friendliest sort of people, and has a bit of a reputation for not being the sort of place you want to be alone in at night. In recent years, Blacktide was plagued by a series of riots, but it was put down before it could escalate and now the city is recovering well.

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   ♕Royal Progress (3.17.331-????)

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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 4.23 night - and back again (OPEN)

Riding through Blacktide's gates turned Ziamara's stomach to acid. She managed to smile as they were welcomed through and once more into Castle Wolfe but in a torch-lit courtyard, amid the wickering horses, clanking armor, howling dogs and shouted commands she faltered.

The princess dismounted her horse and leaned against the saddle for a moment before she nodded to the stable boy to take her mare. Ziamara pushed back the red wool hood she wore and looked around, trying to place what she ought to do next and failing utterly save just to pray Lord Wolfe didn't descend... which of course he promptly did.

"What villainy hath wrought, your highness... let us make silver linings to it for it does return to us your fair presence." Wallace smile was as broad and bright as Ziamara's was wan and troubled.

"I fear we must trespass upon your hospitality ere our repairs are made, Lord Wolfe..."

"Trespass? Not at all. I was sorry to see you leave us- and happy to have you returned, though I do wish it had been for happier reason." He offered her his arm and she hesitated a moment before taking it, remembering all too well his cool reception at their original entrance to the city. Something had changed his demeanor...
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