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Oldcastle Dwindled now to 1700 souls in the lord's seat, Oldcastle is a city of ruins- once capital of the Vellstayth kings, and home to the crumbling Swan Palace though House Howe managed to maintain it to a better degree before their line was extinguished. Since A331 it has been ruled by legitimized bastard, Gareth Agrivale.

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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 4.05.331 | A Drop in the Bucket | Gareth (solo)

There was a rigidity in the new Lord of Oldcastle as he moved through the corridor. His eyes sharp and narrow, his shoulders set, his gloved hand gripped tight about the pommel of his sword at his belt... He walked with a purpose, and upon entering his study, he sat quickly and immediately reached for the correspondence that had awaited him. His servant stood ready, waiting, hands clasped in front, patient as his lord read. It was difficult to tell if it was good new or bad... Gareth betrayed so little. Even after he finished and set the missive aside, he calmly reached for his cup and drank, eyes set before him.

"Burn the letter," Gareth said at last. "If all goes as it should... I do not want anything that would tie us to this."

"Yes, my lord." He reached for the parchment and went towards the fire.

"We should know more within the week... Likely we'll hear of it through other means before our woman gets back to us... Unless, of course, she's failed..."

"She will keep quiet, my lord, if he's captured."

"It matters not to me if he does or doesn't. In the scheme of things, nobody will count her word above mine... But I trust she knows better than to turn against me... Her mark lacks the conviction or the cunning to dig out a scheme... Even one that stares him in the face. And he's more likely to bed her than to murder her... Which... well..." Gareth grinned and took another drink.

"I'm certain she will succeed. I know little of the man, but what I have heard..."

"A miserable little snake... They'll be laughing beneath their veils as they lay him to rest... But come... Distract me lest I think of nothing else. There seems so little time to rest... So much has been done... but we've only just begun. And it does not matter how well they work now... At least not at present... We need more trade, more merchants... The boons of our hard work will come, but... the taxes will stretch our coffers thin..."

"How might we attract more trade?"

"No merchant goes where there is no coin... We need to ensure the harvest goes well... But that is in the hands of the gods more than ourselves at this point... Now... Now I need a more immediate solution... A bride... A dowry... That will help some..."

"Anybody in mind, my lord?"

"I've a few... But none that I can begin negotiations for until after the king returns to Kingsreach. That's when, I suppose, I'll seek favor for Saerisa... Ten and eight and not yet wed... But if we can get her a position at court... she might serve well. And once I can get things turned around for the better, she'll have a sizable enough dowry..."

"I've no doubt it will be better soon... You've done good work, Lord Agrivale. It's only that these things take time."

"Indeed. Thank you, Silas... You've been of great help to me. Do not think I have not noticed... Or that I do not appreciate it."

"I am happy to serve, my lord. I've ever loved Oldcastle. She is my home."

"And mine. I will do what I can to make sure that she is returned to her former glory. We will make Oldcastle great again... We've begun it. But there's still so much left to do. Come... Let us take a walk. Lord Faelin will be here shortly to discuss something of great import... or so he says... But until then, I should like to take to the field... If nothing else... I should like to practice my archery... I did well enough at the tournament... but... I'd like to take a win next time." He stood up and grabbed his cup, walking with the same purpose as before, but it clear that the Lord of Oldcastle was now in much better spirits.
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