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Mirrormount Ruled by House Mondragon.
A dwindling city of 1,810 souls, its income is from the snow-leaves and vineyards on the slopes, and copper ore from the last mines in the area.

Mirrormount takes its name from the glorious fortress that stands incongruously just to the north, on a high bluff- the vast edifice is an odd creation. Some of its older towers feature odd spires with polished stone that still shines and shimmers in the light--a feature from a time before Asserya. Silverhall is its name, but many others call it Mirrorfell these days as the silver that once flowed into this vast holding from western mines is long gone, lost to Elonia with the final settlements of the Border Wars

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   ♕Royal Progress (3.17.331-????)

   ♕Bandit Attack (4.17.331)
The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 4.06 evening : The Post-Hunting Feast! [EVERYONE]

The great hall of Mirrorfell was still hung with banners to welcome the king but fresh rushes and torches were set out again, the servants having taken the opportunity to clean up the detritus of the last few nights while the hunters were out and since everyone had not come back to a celebration the night before: it was a clean slate waiting to be written upon. Rothgar presided from the high table with Benedar at his side, and a seat left empty for his son who was not yet in fine enough form for public viewing.

The feast set before the gathered company was of fresh game: roasts and savory stews, meat pies and early spring herbs. Minstrels wandered among the tables, and a couple jongleurs and acrobats flipped about here and there- this was not even the same as a quiet night's entertainment in Summerhall or Tor Vellesca but for Mirrormount it was a crowd indeed.
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