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Tal Volorro The capital city, first of the Asseryan consuls and now of House Vellfyre. Tal Volorro is both a magnificent feat of Asseryan engineering and a convoluted maze of narrow streets and dark alleys that has grown rapidly and unplanned since Kadreth's War.
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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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(King) Rothgar Vellfyre
the king.
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Default 10.06 morning/noon, Main Streets - Nobles On Parade! - OPEN/EVERYONE

The king and all his court had made camp close to the city and as the day dawned the court rose to make ready- the last two miles to the city and the great triumph once they reached it would be a true pageant, full of glittering jewels, shimmering silks, fluttering banners and strumming lutes, beating drums.

As they entered the city, Rothgar had donned a black cloak trimmed in ermine with a gryphon emblazoned in scarlet silk across the back. His helm was a heavy, battle-ready affair save for the crown that gleamed atop it- inlaid gold and rubies, it was a part of the helm though meant to look like a separate piece- ceremonial, but it would not hamper him if he had to fight. Age did enough of that these days. His face was solemn as he greeted his subjects, not so much from lack of gladness as the fact his bones were aching after too many days in a saddle.
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(Prince) Jason Vellfyre
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Jason was...


Sights. Sounds. Smells... So many faces and banners and... Hands were waving... Shouts were deafening. He looked over at Ziamara, and then back to the crowd, waving his gloved hand every now and again but not too much because it felt... artificial. Volorro was exactly as he remembered it... and nothing at all like how he remembered it. It had seemed brighter in his memory... Bigger. Even the palace in the distance didn't seem as grand as he'd recalled in his memories. But... while that posed a few problems in his mind, it was still... a comfort.
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(Princess) Ziamara Fairchild
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Ziamara rode close beside her brother, glancing his way with a reassuring smile. Volorro was cleaned but she could still smell the unpleasant undertones of the city. Luckily for the day it was mostly scented by the garlands of flowers, fresh whitewash, and horses (not an entirely pleasant scent but far less noxious than others).

Her hand moved in waves more frequently than her father or her brother, and she smiled more easily. After all, this was meant to be a celebration...
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jason vellfyre, rothgar vellfyre, ziamara fairchild

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