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Tor Vellesca The walls of the castle protect its inhabitants and often shield its secrets as well. Built just after the Asseryan Conquest it was one of the few buildings to make it unscathed through the war and is still filled with stunning mosaics, intricate frescoes, and statues from all over Anterra.
Supplied by the aqueducts that feed the city as well, the palace hosts countless fountains and even running water in some areas and enable it to support near 2,000 inhabitants. Picture

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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 6-10-331 Morning, Courtyard: The damage control arrives. [Valisa, OPEN]

The four arrivals at Tor Vellesca had the usual dust and sweat of travel; the first young woman and young man were on their own mounts, while the gray-streaked woman with a spear was seated in front of a second young woman. Without any wagons or pack-horses, and wearing the distinctive clothes of Trimeris, it wasn't likely that they were part of the usual herd of merchants streaming to and from the palace: The first woman's blue roan mare was a clear step above the average market stock, with a smooth walk that hardly rustled her rider's cloak and pale-gray dapples over her darker neck and torso.

"...Oh." The lady on the roan had to crane her neck up to see the top of Tor Vellesca's walls, shading her eyes from the noon-time sun. True to her clothing, she spoke the language of Trimeris. "I feel... under-dressed."

"We just get here from Trimeris,"
the young man reminded her with a grin. "I'm pretty sure they'll let you bathe before you start holding court with Queen Charlotte."

"State your names," the gatekeeper said.

The lady and the young man dismounted, and it was there that the lady's height (or lack thereof) became apparent--she was a full head shorter than both men, and one or two inches of her height were probably from her riding boots.

"I am Lady Sabur al-Kafiba--Queen Charlotte's new lady-in-waiting." While she spoke High Edoleen with the usual carefulness of foreigners, her accent was noticeably faint for someone who'd only been speaking it a few months. "This is my cousin, Idris al-Tamini. We were sent ahead to let the palace know she's almost here."

"When should they be coming, my lady?" He gave a short bow for courtesy.

"If the weather holds, they'll be here tomorrow at midday or evening," Sabur said. "But two more days at the latest."

"Good to know Her Majesty's back home, my lady." Another quick bow. "We'll have everything ready for them right away."

Their horses were taken to the stables, their trunks shuttled up to guest rooms, and a maid arrived to lead the four of them inside. Walking through the cavern of the great hall to her room, Sabur felt even more inadequate than she had at the gates: Her traveling cloak was covered in sweat, her boots were muddy, and she was pretty sure her braid looked more like a black dishcloth than hair at this point.

But a day of rest and a long bath raised her mood quite a bit, so the next morning she went walking through the courtyard in a lavender silk dress that seemed to shimmer in the late morning's heat--more so since her sleeves and skirt were embroidered with beaded birds, an understated version of Trimeris' usual bold contrasts. Her hair had a few small braids to keep it out of her face, but the rest of it hung down in curls to her hips.

She still felt under-dressed.

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