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Moonspire Ruled by House Carolin. A town of 4,584 people on the banks of the Godswash, known for fur, lumber, game and fish.
The allowances for hunting are awarded yearly to lords or other selected by Lord Carolin. The town itself is home to a sizable cult of Erianthe, the high priestess of which is Lord Carolin's own sister.

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Current Events:
   ♕Royal Progress (3.17.331-????)

   ♕Bandit Attack (4.17.331)
The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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He tilted his hips so his cock pressed into her before slamming forward to sheathe himself to the hilt. "That's it," he whispered in her ear as his right arm squeezed her waist to keep her hips pinned. His left hand squeezed her breast, the grip turning rough. His fingers pinched her nipple, tugging and twisting a little as his hips powered against hers. "Gods, I love being inside you."
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She bit her bottom lip to keep her sounds of pleasure from spilling out. "Gods, I love you..." If she could always stay like this, always in his arms, she would. Amina was trapped, utterly at his mercy. Just as she wanted.
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amina solvitreo, kain vellfyre

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