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Tal Volorro The capital city, first of the Asseryan consuls and now of House Vellfyre. Tal Volorro is both a magnificent feat of Asseryan engineering and a convoluted maze of narrow streets and dark alleys that has grown rapidly and unplanned since Kadreth's War.
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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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(Lady) Melantha Solvitreo Vellfyre
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Default 1.23 Afternoon - The Tides Change - (Melantha/Ziamara, open)

There was a break in the rain that day, so Melantha had directed any outdoors tasks to be completed as best they could that afternoon. The rain was sure to return later that eve, or the next day, looking at the clouds, so she had to make due. The damp clung to the stones of the palace, causing her to retreat during midmorning, and retrieve an overdress with better sleeves to ward off the chill.

She paused outside Ziamara's quarters, but knocked after a pause. If nothing else, she wished to check on the Princess' recovery.
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(Prince) Jason Vellfyre
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Carissa had just come in to replace the pitcher by Ziamara's bed side, bowing her head respectfully to Jason who had stirred at the sound of the footsteps. It took him a moment to get his bearings... A process made quicker when he realized who he was with, the memory of their conversation rushing back to him. He sighed deeply, gave his sister's shoulders a squeeze and then smiled to convey his thanks to Cari. That's when they heard the knock.

Before Carissa could turn to answer it, Jason reached out to touch her arm... It was a gesture that obivously surprised her if the gasp was any indication... He wasn't sure why it would have, though. Still, that didn't concern him. "Unless it is my father or there's some manner of crisis occurring this very moment, tell whoever it is that she's not seeing anybody right now."

"Yes, your highness," she said with a dip before crossing the room towards the parlor. She answered the door and gave Melantha a polite smile. "My lady?"
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(Princess) Ziamara Fairchild
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Ziamara stirred as voices spoke nearby and she turned bleary, confused eyes toward the source of warmth and a faint but familiar scent of amber and leather. Jason. Ziamara sighed and shifted his arm but didn't make a move to get up. "'s it... time to... food?" The words were as slurred as their meanings were confused, sleep still clawing at her to keep her under.

She realized belatedly that there was talking outside in the antechamber, but maybe that was servants.
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jason vellfyre, melantha vellfyre, ziamara fairchild

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