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Tal Volorro The capital city, first of the Asseryan consuls and now of House Vellfyre. Tal Volorro is both a magnificent feat of Asseryan engineering and a convoluted maze of narrow streets and dark alleys that has grown rapidly and unplanned since Kadreth's War.
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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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(Lady) Parissa Harrowmont
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"Hush," Kesya murmered. "Stern men have been overcome at a butcher's fete. No shame in it." She kept a steadying hand on Elinor's arm and turned to look at Parissa. "Princess, shall I accompany Lady Elinor since you cannot?"

Pari shot a look at Kesya for a moment before she nodded, though her lips pursed. "Of course..." Before she could say anything, one of the other servants had brought back the cup Elinor had drunk from before to offer her another sip to wash out her mouth.

As the women spoke, Ser Derrek dispatched a guard and squire to fetch the litter and bring it around the back of the manse. "We can slip you out through the house, my lady," Derrek directed, pointing at the facade of the villa the royal boxes had been set up in front of. Parissa followed his direction and glanced up to see a wealth of tittering merchant-girls in the upper balconies. Servants too, probably... and all of them no doubt just waiting for handsome lords and knights from the court to slip into their front rooms and thus be ambushed by their made-up faces and perfumed gowns. ... They'd probably be just as happy to ambush an inconvenienced Lady...

Parissa smiled then. "Ser Derrek... the merchant's wife looks to be at home- or else his daughters are. Go see if they could spare a room and a gown. Kesya can help Elinor get cleaned up and she won't have to suffer feeling so dirty on the way up to the palace. Say I especially want my new cousin's comfort to be seen to." What good was being princess if you had to sit here and let stupid merchant's daughters laugh? They could at least be useful.

The crownsguard glanced up, then at Parissa, then went off to do as she bid.
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(Lady) Elinor Vellfyre
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Kasha's words were soothing, and Elinor appreciated them as much as the steadying hand. She instantly felt badly for taking her away from the princess, but she wasn't feeling well enough to argue the point. Accepting her cup, she sipped it with trembling hands.

Elinor gazed between the people, still feeling dizzy. Though now that she had poured out her insides, she no longer felt near fainting. The news of imposing upon the merchant's wife was both a relief and a horror. She could get out the gown, regain some dignity, even if she shame would be known by the merchant's wife and daughters. She cast her gaze at Parissa. "Thank you so very much, your highness. I am so dreadfully sorry..." Elinor felt near crying so she left her parting at that.
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elinor vellfyre, parissa harrowmont

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