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Letters & Correspondence This forum contains messages sent between characters. Include a number between 1 and 20 in the title along with date it's sent and recipients. The mods will reply first with when/if/or what state it arrived in. Recipients may then read, reply, and play off of it.

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Default 3.2 Sent to Bryce Vellfyre, roll: 13

(This letter is hand carried from Meridiez by a noblewoman fleeing with her husband)

Dearest Father,

I have written many times but I fear not a single letter has reached you. The court astrologer had warned some unfit to send because the stars are not aligned, but as he has been executed since then, I cannot put any store by his words. The steward has burned the other missives; a maid found the ashes of one in his fireplace. I know full well that it is the closeness of Orsion's forces, and thus I am attempting to send this by one of the ladies at court here who will be fleeing the capitol on the morrow. I must reassure you that I am well, albeit for now. Isarn believes that my status as a foreigner still will keep me from any danger should Orsion's forces overcome, but it is treason to even consider that, so we have not discussed it as yet. And my husband is young, and yet so optimistic. Asim, by comparison, has gone quite mad with rage as the war continues. None even in the household are spared his wrath.

The war is in earnest. Ever since his son Vayon perished, some say from poison, Asim has been unrelenting on his pursuit of Orsion, but that has only served to ignite more resentment against the Prince. It was terrible....Vayon was just a boy of twelve years. In return, Asim has also kept the arenas full. In times of peace, this placates the commoners, I am told, but it seems now that the prisoners are being seen more as martyrs. If there is one benefit to my being confined to the palace, it's that I cannot attend the events.

I wish I had more to tell you that would be helpful, that could shed light on this conflict, but I feel there are undercurrents here that have long been held at bay, and that I cannot understand in so short a time. Most of the people have rallied behind Orsion and call Asim a murderer, because of the execution of his goodbrother Kohorin and the children. I cannot say to that, but....to execute children who were but ten and eight years? So many speak of the madness that infects the Emperor, and now they do not do so quietly, but say that it has come into his son. Empress Zenobia remains imprisoned. Asim has also taken Orsion's niece, Zorayda daughter of Kazim, here to the palace to ensure that Kazim does not think to join his brother in the rebellion. She has been ensconced with us for this time. I believe Asim intends to see this war to it's conclusion, whatever that might be.

If you do not hear from me again, please give my love to everyone, and reserve some of that for yourself. I remain steadfastly to the end,
Your daughter, Flower

(there is no seal on the letter, but it comes with a braided lock of dark blonde hair)
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The letter is taken by Rosina's friend, but their ship is beset by a storm a couple days out. They are stuck in port for three weeks trying to find a new ship that can be safely bribed to take them on.

The new ship docks first in Southshield on 4.01 and they continue on to Estersand on 4.07. They eventually dock in Tal Solarii on 4.12. Having heard the royal court is expected to arrive in Moonspire sometime in the next week or two, Lady Aureliana of Krybitziotes decides to carry the message in person. Departing her husband in Tal Solarii where he is petitioning Princess Zorayda as well as sending letters to their distant kindred in House Zisemides to seek refuge, Aureliana sails along the river to Fairgrove after a few days rest and trying to find guides. She arrives in Fairgrove on 4.17, and spends a day debating whether or not to continue on to Moonspire or wait.

4.20 sees her arrival in Moonspire, where she awaits the royal retinue.
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