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Default (04) Guide to Southshores

Growers of fruit, almonds, and citrus, and weavers of fine cloth, the southern ports play host most of the trade from Meridiez as well as trade from Rhegedren and occasional ships from the far south and east. The trade with Meridiez is closely maintained as the weavers of Southshores rely upon the brilliant dyes that Meridiez produces as much as they prefer the Rhegedrene wools, though the trade with Rhegedren's fractious people has historically been somewhat strained; but in recent years the Rheggish ships have come far more often.

Like in Kingsreach, singers and pageantry are welcomed here- acts of chivalry and gallantry being highly prized, and many of the lords are happy to spend the warmer months hosting tourneys and guests from all corners of the realm (and not just because such events are a good time to sell costly materials). Fairs, bazaars, marketplaces and merchants are a staple in Southshores, leading to a larger number of towns and bigger cities on the whole, despite their lack of mines or renowned forgers. Thanks to Meridian influences, the second most attended events in Southshores (especially in Tal Solarii) are the arena games, where convicts and occasional volunteers who need the chance of money will be pitted against one another or wild creatures in massive spectacles.

Southshores falls more in line with Kingsreach and the valley folk of Westridge, as the Southerners' general respect for the Magisterium and trade as near-equal (if not superior to) the knowledge of the priests and cults, has created a few uncomfortable scenes at dinner parties. However, because the mountain trade routes are important, the Solvitreos keep close matrimonial ties with the mountain lords.

The southern lords were the last to join House Vellfyre in rebellion against Asserya, and have at times seemed more closely linked to Meridiez via trade than with their fellow Edolenes, as many marks of Merideen and Asseryan culture linger here: the southern ports still tend to execute criminals in the arena rather than simply hanging or beheading them, and as in Meridiez, many noblewomen of Southshores wear veils in public. However, they often choose to veil only the lower part of their face, and the veils themselves are often richly adorned if not nigh transparent, serving more as fashion accessory than a mark of modesty.
  • Ruling House: Solvitreo
  • Key Cities: Seastone (46,595), Tal Solarii (capital) (63,960)
  • Notable Towns: Southshield (9,435), Tal Dragore (8,964), Estersand (5,954), Portsmouth (4,446), Fairgrove (3,958)
  • Important Noble Houses: Solvitreo of Fairgrove (lesser branch), Ascalon of Estersand, Saherazai of Tal Dragore, Veracora of Seastone,
  • Minor Noble Houses: Voldryn of Malderin, Blackwaves, Trunt of Blackhill, Verrun of Hundswood & Stonescove, Katselis of Hidden Cove, Ascalon of Sandmark
  • Important Organizations/Groups: The Magisterium,
  • Area: 24,664 km2 (9522.8 mi2)
  • Population: 714,210 (75 people per square mile)
  • Draft Pool: 57,000 (8% of pop.) [<7% ideal to keep area from starvation], quick to gather
  • Professional Soldiers (subtract from above): 480 men-at-arms, 170 archers, 200 sailors
  • Navy: fourteen 32-oar galleys, seven 48-oar galleys, three 60-oar galleasses / 16-18 merchant ships impressable
    • Tal Solarii: five 32-oars, two 48-oars, two 60-oars
    • Seastone: three 32 oars, one 48-oars, one 60-oars
    • Southshield: two 32-oars, one 48-oars
    • Tal Dragore: one 32-oar, one 48-oar
    • Estersand: one 32-oar
    • Portsmouth: one 32-oar, one 48-oar
    • Elsewhere: one 32-oar, one 48-oar

Beyond the cities
  • 10 medium towns (pop 2,500 or less)
  • 37 small towns (pop 1,000 or less)
  • 188 big villages (pop 800 or less)
  • 798 medium villages (pop 300 or less)
  • 1191 small villages (pop 100 or less)

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The Oracles
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Default Map of Southshores

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The Oracles
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Regions of Southshores as controlled by the major cities:

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