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The Oracles
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Default Voldryn of Malderin (sworn to Tal Solarii)

either conquer or die

Sigil: Black on Orange, two golden moons set facing each other, a black crow, and six yellow stars the largest atop the crow.
Motto: Either Conquer or Die

House Voldryn was so honored by House Solvitreo after Kadreth's war, though their origins go far before then. A family escaping a wealthy Asseryan warlord they'd somehow angered (stories range from stealing a loaf of bread to sleeping with his wife), they were offered refuge and a sense of freedom. Of course, freedom has its price, but they were willing to pay it, offering their services in whatever way, seeing it as both an obligation and an honor. In their early days, House Voldryn would become a political powerhouse in the region, not only for their business acumen which would eventually become their legacy, but because it was believed they were elbow deep in espionage, assassinations, and piracy. And many of the rumors were founded in truth. Though it is not unheard of that a death may be linked to House Voldryn, since Rafael Vasili they have tended away from the darker aspects of their reputation and focused strictly on trade, investments, and financial counsel. That is not to say that they don't get their hands dirty still...

During Kadreth's war, they continued to serve House Solvitreo once they were committed to pushing back the Asseryan forces. They served both as captains and commanders, but also as spies and advisors. Afterward, when Solvitreo was named high lord of Southshore, they were given the lands of Malderin, becoming vassals to the Solvitreo family.

Members of the Voldryn family are expected to attend the Magisterum, though it is not always required that they finish their course of study. They range in appearance depending on their mother’s blood, but for the most part, they are of a fair complexion with hair that is either black or brown in color. Their eye coloring is, most times, similar. Traditionally, their children are given names highly reminiscent of Asseryan culture, they may deviate. However, almost always are the children given two names. It is also not uncommon to name a child after a father, a grandfather, or an uncle, and they are given suffixes to denote if they are.

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The Oracles
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Default Played Members

click on icon for bios

PB: George Clooney
Son of Rafael Vasili, Lord of Malderin
The patriarch of his murder of crows, Orsino is a family driven man who sees the value of each Voldryn, be they man or woman. Business oriented, he believes in always putting the needs of the family above all things and instills this in his own sons and, before her death, his daughter. Despite being a generally outgoing man, there is a shroud of mystery that surrounds him and his family, though to hear him tell it, it's all just rumor.

PB: Ben Barnes
Son of Orsino. Heir to House Voldryn.
The heir of Malderin and veteran of the Northern Wars, Thane is a serious and deeply introspective man with a passion for study and the desire to constantly better himself. A former student of the magisterum, though he did not complete his education, he considers himself learned and dedicates himself to self-teaching with the expectation of one day perpetuating the family legacy. He is considered a somewhat merciless man, and as such he is often called upon to handle business that some may be hesitant due to moral scruples.

PB: Janet Montgomery
Daughter of Nuncio. Lady-in-waiting to Princess Valencia.
A close cousin to Lord Orsino and his sons, Leonora is the daughter of one of the ambassadors to Asserya and has spent the last fourteen years in foreign courts. Known to be playful and fun-loving, she is nonetheless only recently arrived in Edolon and must adjust to a life and culture quite different from the one she's grown used to.
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The Oracles
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Default Genealogy

*Thane Aeron (237-294) m. Aria Zisemides (242-288)
   *Rafael Vasili (259-299) m. Sarah ???
      Lorenzo Marciano (286-294)
      *Orsino Salvatore (288) m. Elaine ______ (289)
         Thane Aeron II (306)
         Elissa Mae SOLVITREO (308-326)
         Rafael Vasili II (310)
   Vito Umberto (261-325) m. Rosalia Veracora (255-304)
      Nuncio Primo (284) - ???
         Leonora Marisa (306)
         Giovanni Carlo (307)
   Isabella Kara ASCALON (262-298)

Kaeyln SOLVITREO (239-301)

Nicolo Giacomo (241-280) m. Bettina ???
   Isidro Santo (262-326) m. ???
      Lazzaro Gino (287-325) m. ???
         Nicolo Isidro (314)
      Aria ZISEMIDES (290)
   Amata Rosa (263)
   Elizabetta Catalina (265-295)
   Alessandro Martino (267-323) m. Fantine Katselis (273)
      Nicolo Giacomo II (296-314)
      Alessandro Nicolo (298) m. ???
         Nicolo Giacomo III (317)
      Dante Vittorio (300-329) m. Ysabeau Ascalon (305)
         unnamed boy (321)
         Gabriella (twin) (322)
         Leonardo (twin) (322)

Mariella Lucina _______ (244)

Orlando Santino (245) m. Sienna ???
   Aida DRAKE (267-308)
   Orlando Nico (269-328) m. ???
      Antonio Benito (294) m. ???
         Camila Sofia (315)
         Fabian Lautaro (316)
      unnamed girl (295)
      Emile Isidro (297) m. ???
         unnamed boy (320)
         Rafael Thane (322)
         Julietta Sienna (323)
         unnamed boy (325)
      Adriano Giacomo (300) m. ???
         Enrique Adriano (324)

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