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The Oracles
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Default Wolfe of Blacktide

Higher Than You

Motto: Higher Than You
Sigil: A light blue cock on a checkered blue and black field with a blue cottice.

A business minded family, the Wolfes are notoriously successful in matters of trade and enterprise, amassing great wealth in trade with Trimeris and more recently with Zaksalam. Though, the recent years have yielded little return with the war stifling growth, they had enough in reserve to maintain power and political control over the city. While considered pompous and somewhat single-minded when it comes to coin, they are also a family that is not to be underestimated. Their enemies have a way of... not existing anymore. Of course, all that can implicate them is a sour history, but no evidence leads back to House Wolfe.

During Kadreth’s war, House Wolfe was one of the first to raise arms and join the Vellfyres and Vellstaythes in battle, though some question if it was for the cause or for the spoils of victory which drove them to do so. Either way, they put all their stakes on one side, and they happened to be the winners. The gamble paid off, and they were rewarded the city of Blacktide... Of course, the family that had previously ruled there was not quite done ruling, but House Wolfe saw to that quickly enough. There have been few who have contested the validity of their hold on the city... At least few who remain.

The Vellfyres still rely heavily on House Wolfe, mostly for their counsel in terms of trade and currency. Many former council members in charge of the treasury have come from House Wolfe. Most recently, the city of Blacktide was plagued with disgruntled citizens rising up in response to the food shortage. This prompted the return of Wolfe soldiers from the Zakkish front to put down the riots, but eventually order was restored. Blacktide, though at peace once more, is regarded as a contentious area.

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The Oracles
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Default Active/Played Members

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PB: Hugh Jackman
Lord Treasurer
No, really, he is William's twin: they look nothing alike until they start talking then the similarities tend to reveal themselves clearly. Warrick is the more emotive one of the two, and the louder one in general, but he's always his brother's right hand. He is a veteran of the Northern War and squired with Prince Bryce in his youth from whom he was also knighted. A year ago, after the passing of the Lord Treasurer, Warrick Wolfe was appointed to take his place.

PB: Eva Green
Lady of Tal Dragore
Born into the influential Wolfe family of Blacktide, Winona was married to the Lord Saherazai of Tal Dragore, a Southshores city known as much for its immense wealth as its beauty and strange rituals. Following the death of her husband in 330, she is now co-regent for her infant son and serves Princess Alianor Vellfyre as a Lady of the Chamber.
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The Oracles
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*Winston Wolfe (236-284) m. Alayna ???? (238-298)
    *Walden (257-320) m. Naya ???? (273-324)
        *Wallace(289) m. Isobel ??? (293-318)
            Unnamed girl (b/d. 317)
            Unnamed girl (b/d. 318)
        William - twin (292) m. Vannessa Zisemides (d.324)
            Genisa (315)
            Aicelina (317)
        Warrick- twin (292) m. Katarina Feron (d.319)
            Emily (314)
            Anthony (317)
            Unnamed boy (319)

    Willow ??? (260)

    Wayne (262-319) m. Ruth ????
        Waverly FAIRWIND (282-302)
        Whitney VELLFYRE (284-330, d. of plague... or poison)
        Wayde (285-328) m. Desiree ????
            Worthing (305-331, d. in tourney)
        Wesley (286) m. Elisa Veracora (283)
            Winona SAHERAZAI (305, a widow)
            Unnamed boy (d. 306)
            Wade (307)

    Waylon (263-330) m. Mary ????
        Wynne ______ (290)
        Wynter ______ (292)
        Woodrow (295) m. Heather Ascalon
            Wendy (313)
            Winifred (315-323)
            Wyatt (318)
            Willard (319)

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