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Default Ruling House: Solvitreo of Tal Solarii & Fairgrove

the sun will rise

Sigil: a crowned sun argent on or and azure counterchanged
Motto: The Sun Will Rise

House Solvitreo has ruled Tal Solarii since A227 - 103 years. The Solvitreos were nobles who accepted Asseryan rule and prospered during the Empire, even marrying into old Asseryan nobility and achieving status and office. Like most of Southshores, they were late to join the Vellfyre cause (some still whisper that they were playing both sides) but they proved their loyalty with the blood of their soldiers and sailors, and were rewarded by being raised to rule the south.

The Solvitreo palace in Tal Solarii is called The Sunspire, for its many soaring towers with their Late Asseryan-style minarets and domed roofs. The oldest parts of the palace were initially built for the Asseryan governors who ruled Southshores during the Empire, but much of it was burned during the rebellion. Architects from Meridiez and Old Asserya were brought to rebuild it, and it was expanded further thirty years ago.

The family has been able to maintain more of its wealth than some others during the war by encouraging more extensive trade with Meridiez and Rhegedren, but many of their inland vassals have had to send family heirlooms and jewels in place of coin to pay their taxes, and there are rumors that the Solvitreo coffers are not as full as they say.

As a token of their descent from Meridian and Asseryan nobility, the ladies of House Solvitreo often wear half-veils in public- though they are usually ornately adorned and more fashion accessory than those worn by women of Meridiez.

All children of Lord Solvitreo are educated by Magisters of the Academy from the age of 4, even the girls. If a child is fostered to another family, Lord Solvitreo will often include a Magister as token of appreciation so all the children of that house may then be educated as well.

The Solvitreos' close ties to the Magisterium have led to some tension with certain of the religious ordesr, and some faithful whisper that the Magisters are more highly regarded in Southshores than the gods themselves.

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The Oracles
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Default Active/Played Members

click on icon for bio

PB: Ian McShane
Lord of Southshores.
The Lord of Southshores, Sun of Tal Solarii, Shield of the South. A strong supporter of the Magisterium, Adhemar was a serious student as a child and might have considered forsaking his birthright to earn a collar had not the Border Wars called him to pick up arms and lead men into battle. He supported the peace with Trimeris and Meridies, and sent both his sons to the Zakish War.

PB: Madchen Amick
Wife of Keegan. Mother to Kalden, Kellan, Lenore
Sister to the Seneshcal of the South, daughter of a Princess Zorayda of Meridiez, Melantha is proud of her lineage and of her family. She assists Alianor in running the extended household of Tor Vellesca and is always on hand when Merideen officials visit. Highly educated and wickedly intelligent, Melantha is as polished as her husband Keegan is rough- an odd match when they were first wed and it has not gotten less odd with time but both seem to respect the other though there are persistant rumors about why Keegan's children seem to be the only brunette Vellfyres...

PB: Santiago Cabrera
Knight. Lord of the Chamber to King Rothgar.
A celebrated knight, and Lord of the Chamber to the king, he has one legitimate son, Bashir, a squire, and a natural son, Marrek, already a knight. Like Adan and Rothgar himself, Darres prefers tourneys and fights to peace and poetry. Darres is close with his brother Khorane and Lord Adhemar, but longs most to resume his wandering ways and seek further tourney glory.

PB: Adriana Lima
Lady-in-waiting to Queen Charlotte.
Impulsive, adventurous and probably only still in the queen's retinue because her father would take umbrage if she was sent home, Ty is often stuck doing the most monotonous and awful tasks as punishment for this or that flaunting of the queen's rules; her reputation as a flirt has become firmly fixed but she seems not to mind.

PB: Emilia Clarke
Lady-in-waiting to Princess Parissa
Third-eldest daughter of Adhemar Solvitreo (by a few minutes), lady-in-waiting to Princess Alianor. Zanara adores riding, hawking and dancing- more physical but lady-like pursuits. Tends to be far quieter than Tyana, perhaps a bit more formal but while Zanara takes more after Zorayda, she is Solvitreo enough to adore a party- and is whispered to be a devotee of Amaris (Artemis) or Elvira (Ma'at).

PB: Hailee Steinfeld
Lady-in-Waiting to Tyana.
The only daughter of the Lord Marshal of Sunspire, Amina has been raised alongside her cousins in the whirlwind of the Sun's Court and only just began her service with her elder cousin Tyana in the royal court of King Rothgar. Within the queen's household, there is much more oversight, and yet without the hawkish eye of their grandmother perhaps there's going to be a lot more fun after all...
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The Oracles
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Default Genealogy

*Haidyn Solvitreo (220-274) m. Kaelyn Voldryn (239-301)
   Allarie ZISEMIDES (b.256)
   *Guyard (d. in a tourney, 259-275)

Valarr (d. of plague, 222-251) m. Alayne Ascalon (232-270)

*Eberzam Solvitreo (227-280) m. Alia Saherazai (241-328)
   *Harith (d. of fever) (264-315) m. Zorayda of Meridies (b.269)
      ((Adhemar)) (b.285) m. Adalyde Harrowmont (b.287)
         Cyrenna (d. of a fever, 305-315)
         Tagganaro (b.306) m. Elissa Voldryn (d. in childbirth, 308-326)
         Jayr (b.308)
         Belandra (310)
         Tyana (twin) (311), lady-in-waiting to Queen Charlotte
         Zanara (twin) (311), lady-in-waiting to Princess Parissa
         Luzia (d.314-315), died of the Summer Fever.
         Alodie (315)
      Melantha VELLFYRE (b.286)
      Vimarro Solvitreo (b.288) (Lord Marshal of Sunspire) m. Lucinda Vellfyre (b.291)
         Rymund (d, as a squire in Zaksebar, 308-325)
         Roderigo (b.309), a knight
         Amina (b.314)
      Lianor ________ (b.291)
   Alazar (267-302) m. Morena ______
      Maryssa KATSELIS 43 (b.287), a widow
      Valla (d. of fever, 288-315), never married
      ((Khorane)) (b.290) (Lord of Fairgrove) m. Diana Veracora (b.285)
         Kyel (b.311) (heir to Fairgrove) e. Katryne Ascalon
         Azemar (b.312) (a knight errant)
         Adalyne (b. 316) (fostered in Tal Solarii)
      Darres (b.292) (Lord of the Chamber to King Rothgar, a knight) m. Ofelia __ (d. 295-314, in childbirth)
         Bashir (b.314)
   Kazim (b. 270), Head Proctor of History in Magisterium
Illiana HARROWMONT (238-268)

   - Parissa Harrowmont, 16, fostered in Tal Solarii
   - Jonathor Harrowmont, 15, fostered in Tal Solarii, sent to Magisterium.
   - Elorra Salt, (b. 316) Lord Solvitreo's natural daughter.
   - Marrek Salt (b. 311) Darres Solvitreo's natural son. A knight.
   - Roland Salt (Adoptable!) (b. 314) Vimarro's natural son.

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