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The Oracles
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Default Ambrosios of Iron Shore (vassals to Blacktide)

By Fire, We Are Born

Sigil: per pale sable and gules, a scorpion in chief counterchanged.
Motto: By Fire, We Are Born

Iron Shore is a town that is well known for its rich iron ore deposits that were found near the dawn of Asseryan rule (roughly A215). It began as a small collection of miners who used it as a small encampment as they worked. However, as the profits began to increase as well as the demand for the minerals, more and more people would relocate in an effort to acquire riches themselves. In an effort to protect their investment and their jobs, those who originally settled in Iron Shore would form a guild of sorts which considered any means as justifiable in protecting their assets. From the originating families, three would rise to prominence within the growing town. Chief among the three was the Ambrosios family who acted as the de facto leaders of the guild. Anybody who wished to work free of harassment from the guild had to first win favor with the Armand Ambrosios.

After a time, the Ambrosios family was able to stop actually taking part in the mining and instead took a role that was more delegatory. In return for the services that they offered and the work that the ensured, they took a cut of the profits that the families under their protection garnered. From there, they branched out into other investments and oversaw the construction of the Iron Shore forge. The Ambrosios family, again, did not take a direct hands-on approach to weapons making but instead employed smiths and artisans to work the forges, again, taking cuts of the profit while also serving as the chief suppliers of their materials which proved cost-effective and helped to bolster the wealth of the family.

Within eight years, the family saw themselves risen in status, named the Lords of Iron Shore which could no longer call itself a mere mining encampment as work, crafting, and trade had helped the town to boom. Becoming vassals to the Lords of Blacktide (House Sterling), the town would serve to strengthen the economy of the coastal region exponentially before finally leveling out around A224. Though they do not see quite the wealth that they did initially due to other iron ore deposits being found as well as various other forging cities coming into prominence, they are still very much an asset to Blacktide.

It was perhaps this reason that they were not replaced when the Wolfe family, who had won favor with the king for their involvement in the overthrowing of the Asseryan rule in Edolon, took control of the city. House Ambrosios was not exactly vocal in their support for House Sterling despite, in previous years, being staunchly in their corner in all ways. They quickly pledged to the new ruling house once House Sterling was overthrown and other houses that had supported them also began to fall. It can be said that their hesitation to support the former ruling house had more to do with their loyalty to the new king than it did to the new lord. Whatever the reason, some say that their platform of non-involvement may have saved their house from utter demise.

Today, House Ambrosios still serves as the overseer of Iron Shore

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The Oracles
the gods mods speak
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Default Active/Played Members

click on icon for bio

PB: James Purefoy
Lord of Iron Shores, Twin to Taran, Father of Isabella.
The elder of a pair of twins, Cael has recently become the head of his family and the overseer of dwindling but still profitable markets in Iron Shores. He is not known for being a nice man. In fact, those he conducts business with call him shrewd and ruthless. He has very high standards for those who he works closely with, and this, of course, carries over towards his expectations of the family.

PB: Jessica Brown-Findlay
Widow of Prince Rollant. Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Valencia.
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The Oracles
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Default Genealogy

* Armand Ambrosios (182-237) m. Helaina Doremi (188-229)
    *Rhys Ambrosios (209-273) m. Valdis ????? (212-245)
        *Gavin Ambrosios (231-276) m. Ivaine ?????
            *Isaiah (258-329) m. Rixenda Zisemides
                ((Cael)), 36 (294) m. Madeleine Veracora (296-316)
                    Isabella, 14 (316)
                Taran, 36 (294)
                Connor, 34 (297) m. ?????★
                    Trinity, 16 (315)
                    Judith, 12 (319)
                    Eric, 8 (323)
                Miranda (300-319)
                Elizabeth FAIRCHILD, 28 (303), widow
            Owen (261-312) m. ?????
                Jacob (286-326)
                Philip, 41 (290) m. ?????★
                    Isis, 18 (313)
                    Iris, 18 (313)
                    Isaac, 17 (314)
            Logan (264-221) m. Leona Katselis (271-327)
                Samuel, 38 (293) m. Elaine ?????★
                    Gianna, 16 (315)
                Nathaniel, 33 (298) m. ?????★
                    Shawn, 12 (319)

bastard of Taran Ambrosios: Gabriel Meadows, 20 (311)
★ - feel free to utilize in another timeline

- Geriana Fairwind, 13. Royal ward, fostering in Iron Shore
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