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Exclamation Ruling House: Vellfyre of Tal Volorro

strive that you may live forever

Sigil: Ermine argent with tails on a pale argent fimbriated sable, in chief a label gules, on delf argent, a crown gules between two gryphons gules. (A red crown and griffins on ermine)

Motto: Strive that you may live forever

A noble house which is able to trace its ancestry all the way back to King Vellmaar The Magnificent, House Vellfyre, in the past, mostly served as a military power house, producing some of the most influential and well known knights of the age. The Asseryan dominion did not come without the support of House Vellfyre, though the term 'support' is one that should be used loosely. Seeing the superior might of the opposing forces, House Vellfyre agreed to lay down their arms and contribute to the Asseryan rule, helping to establish a foothold for them. It was perhaps the only way they survived, for being tied to the Vellstayth line was a death sentence for many others. Their participation, however, did not lend to loyalty. As generations went by under Asseryan rule, the resolve of the family to restore what once was was passed down like an heirloom. So when by both internal hardship and by Asseryan design the House of Vellstayth began to fall apart at the seams, Kadreth Vellfyre seized the opportunity to make his claim as the descendant of Vellmaar, rightful king of Edolon.

He did not do this alone, of course. A claim is only one thirds the way to get a crown. It would not have been without support from Lysandra Vellstayth who is often credited with the idea herself that he would have been able to take the first steps towards reaching unification and liberation for Edolon. Without her, it is entirely possible that he may not have had the backing of the great houses desperately needed to overthrow Asseryan rule. Once united, they stood opposed to the forces of the nation which, by degrees, had lost much of it's ground in Edolon. Many other factors led to the retaking of Edolon, and the victory went to the descendants of Vellmaar. Boons in the form of regional ruling titles were granted to House Ractis and House Solvitreo for their involvement in the retaking as their contributions to victory can never be understated. Under Kadreth and Lysandra, House Vellfyre, together with House Vellstayth, restored a royal family to the land of Edolon.

House Vellfyre, as stated before, finds its history rich of men who have set out on the path to knighthood. Chivalry, courtly virtue, all of these values have been instilled deeply into the very foundation of the ancestry. Even Kadreth was an accomplished knight, often leading the charge in the very rebellion he had instigated. It is in this tradition that, though they are members of the royal family, they are expected to serve militarily regardless of their position within. Aside from knightly pursuits, it was not uncommon for many of the men to engage in business, particularly that of the mines rich with iron ore and steel deposits or of the forges which produce weaponry. The ladies are expected to receive private tutelage, learning courtly and saintly virtue as well. All ladies in House Vellfyre begin study at the age of seven. Likewise, any male in House Vellfyre aged seven will begin the path to knighthood as a page. Those members of the family unable or unwilling to fulfill their training to ultimately become a knight are not regarded very well among the other members of the family.

Not an overly pious house, their ties to the Faith are rather unknown. It is safe to assume they are supporters of the Church, but until the recent wars, had made no indication that they were deeply devout. Some might argue that even their involvement in the war or their willingness to enter into it had little to do with the faith and more to do with their military leanings. Even so, the Vellfyre house maintains bridges between themselves and the Faith both monetarily and with other concessions. The relationship between the church and the royal family could therefore be described as mutualistic but not necessarily deeply rooted. As far as their ties with the Magisterum, though the Vellfyres do not have a history of attendance, they are supporters of the institution, often giving rather generous donations. In the wake of the war, the donations have, of course, waned, but there is no denying that the Vellfyre kings have recognized the value of the Magisterum.

Tradition is held very dear to House Vellfyre and it can be seen in even the naming scheme. It is not until recent generations that there has been some deviations away from it, but more often than not, expect males in the family to have a name beginning with a 'K' or a 'V' and the ladies an 'L' or an 'E.' This is done because they believe that they sound more masculine and feminine respectively.

Vellesca is the residence of House Vellfyre. A beautiful architectural marvel of Asseryan design, the three level edifice and surrounding grounds have served as the seat of power since Kadreth's rule. The aqueducts provide water to the city of Tal Volorro and the palace, providing both essential, practical, and aesthetic value. Much of the city's drinking water is provided by the aqueducts as well as water for the fountains and, sinks, and the occasional pressurized shower found within the palace. There are two levels above ground at Vellesca and they make up the palace proper. The second level is considerably smaller than the first and is home to rooms and parlors that are mostly unused by the royal family though some of the rooms found above may house some of the more tenured and respected attendants within the palace. For the most part, activity takes place on the first level. The gardens and the grounds, expansive in their own right, also house two separate buildings which serve as residences for the guard and for the servants who attend Vellesca. The lower level, for the most part unused due to it's propensity to flood, served in the past as a dungeon. The use of which has not altogether been abandoned. Some notorious criminals have been held in the dungeons of Tal Volorro. There are even a few instances when, during a very heavy rainfall, some were left within to drown.

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Default Active/Played Members

click on icon for bio

PB: Robert Redford
King of Edolon. Father of Jason, Valencia, Ziamara (etc).
Ruler for 36 years and counting, Rothgar has seen his kingdom through the end of the Border Wars and now hopefully through the worst of the Zakkish wars... one can hope. He has lost two dearly beloved sons and more friends than he can count- he is tired, and feels his age more these days though he'd wring anyone's neck if they tried to say so. A powerful warrior in his youth, Rothgar maintains his strength and his determination to lead his country.

PB: Janet McTeer
Princess. Sister to Rothgar, Bryce.
Widow of Lord Septimus Sollis since 324, though his death didn't inconvenience her any more than his life. Alianor wed in 288 but remained mostly at court, especially following Rothgar's ascent to the throne. She served as governess to his daughters, and has all but run the household during Charlotte's tenure as queen. She is known to have the ear of both her brothers.

PB: Daniel Craig
Lord of Laws. Prince. Brother to Rothgar.
He possesses a bit of a reputation as a man with a cold disposition. He would disagree and would challenge anybody who thinks so to kindly shove it up their backsides. Bryce does not suffer fools. Not for any reason. He is too old for that and he's got far too much to do in terms of helping his brother and sitting on the council as the Lord of Laws. Bryce can be rather easy-going... if he likes you. Despite the aforementioned reputation, he is also known for embarking on adventures and misadventures with his cousins, especially when he is deep in his cups. Essentially, he can be a rigid, uptight and unforgiving prince but just as easily can act like he's half his age when in the right company.

PB: Charlize Theron
Queen. Mother of Jason & Valencia.
The loving, dutiful wife to King Rothgar, the attentive mother to Prince Jason, and the fond chatelaine to her daughter and various step-children. Every one knows that surely Queen Charlotte is the brightest light of the court... and that if they cross her, they will burn for it.

PB: Toby Stephens
Lord Constable. Father to Kaleb, Elinor, and Lucia
Responsible for keeping and maintenence of the king's armaments and those of the villages around Tor Vellesca and throughout the direct royal lands. Of a somewhat taciturn demeanor by nature, Kadreth has refused to wed since the death of his wife Helaina. He lacks the charisma that some of his family members possess which is honestly the one thing working against him. It cannot be argued that his men will follow him to hell and back, but he commands their respect by being an example. He was not always so standoffish, but the death of his wife is one that he continues to mourn and it has made a serious man of him.

PB: Madchen Amick
Wife of Keegan. Mother to Kalden, Kellan, Lenore
Sister to the Seneshcal of the South, daughter of a Princess Zorayda of Meridiez, Melantha is proud of her lineage and of her family. She assists Alianor in running the extended household of Tor Vellesca and is always on hand when Merideen officials visit. Highly educated and wickedly intelligent, Melantha is as polished as her husband Keegan is rough- an odd match when they were first wed and it has not gotten less odd with time but both seem to respect the other though there are persistant rumors about why Keegan's children seem to be the only brunette Vellfyres...

PB: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Crown Prince. Lord Commander.
A warrior through and through, it would appear that Jason is all set to follow in the footsteps of his father. A second son thrust into the position of inheriting a kingdom, he has so far maintained himself with the grace and dignity one would expect of a prince. He is known for his skill in the melee and for his contribution in the Northern campaign. He is intelligent and witty with a humor that leans more towards dry wit and sarcasm. Due to scars earned during his time as a prisoner of war, Jason often times can be seen wearing a single glove on his left hand. He has a penchant for drinking and has uncanny luck when it comes to games of chance (of course he's not cheating! How dare you insinuate such a thing!).

PB: Colin O'Donoughue
Knight. Son of Keegan.
Eldest son of Keegan Vellfyre and Melantha Solvitreo. Not the nicest of men, but sharp as a tack, Kalden's value is as a diplomat more than a knight. Still, he is good with his sword because he IS a Vellfyre after all. The broad truth about Kalden is that while you might not like his approach, but you can always count on his honesty. Perhaps because of that, Kalden is close with his cousin Jason. He is engaged to wed Alys Fairwind.

PB: Saoirse Ronan
Wed to a prince of Meridiez. Daughter of Bryce.
Married to Prince Idras Tamor in Meridiez, she was sent southward with the return of the army from Zaksebar and Asserya. Rosina is the first Vellfyre to wed outside the kingdom since the Fall of Asserya, and the expectations weigh heavily on her. She has always been conscious of duty and appearances, and making her father proud- few believe she will be anything but perfect within the Merideen court.

PB: Ian Somerhalder
Knight. Son of Keegan.
Kellan is the easiest-going of the Vellfyres in general. He is a talented fighter but in daily life he'd rather not fight; and would rather consort with men-at-arms and yeomen guards than suffer through a crowded highborn feast. Kellan is sociable, amiable, and popular with his men and with many courtiers (and a few ladies). He's often the foil for his spiky milk-brother Kain and his real (yet just as spiky) brother Kalden.

PB: Mike Vogel
Knight. Son of Bryce.
As noted for vanity and arrogance as he was for charm and grace before the war, Kain's returning home with a scarred face and a bitterness that was missing before. Whispers of battle rages follow him- especially after Garrett's death and his own recovery. He has a wicked scar on his arm from a tourney accident in 322. He's engaged to Diana Talventes, daughter of a lesser lord sworn to Tal Volorro. One of the permanent mysteries of House Vellfyre is how Kellan and Ziamara put up with him so easily.

PB: Helena Mattsson
Daughter of the King. Lady-of-the-Chamber to Princess Alianor.
Sometimes called The White Princess of late, since she's worn only white mourning for the last two years, Princess Ziamara's presence is nonetheless usually found in the center of song, dance, and merriment. Patroness to many of the court's bards and players, and always on the arm this handsome lord or that diplomat, she is known for finding the best of diversions and sweetest of melodies. If her recent sorrows have granted her eyes a haunted look, surely there's no end of knights and lords praying to be the one to see her smile brighten again...

PB: Rebecca Ferguson
Princess. Lady of Kingsport.
The only legitimate daughter of King Rothgar, Valencia nonetheless often feels overshadowed by the rest of the court. She loves and supports her family, but it's hard to not be a little resentful of how at ease the rest are with intrigue and authority. Most of her free time is occupied by puzzles, games, and ignoring her new marriage to a Trimerid prince.

PB: Cheryl Cole
Lady-of-the-Chamber to Parissa.
Only daughter of Keegan Vellfyre and Melantha Solvitreo. Married to Edric Sollis, and has two children by him. Young and rather much like Kellan, she is a woman who lives in the moment. She enjoys when men give her attention and though it is more than likely she retains her virtue, there are those in the court who believe this to be far from the truth. Her reputation is rather... unseemly, but nobody has the nerve to say so to her face. She's not stupid, however, and while it does bother her, she has decided to make the most of it and uses her reputation to her advantage.

PB: Izabella Miko
Daughter of Kadreth. Lady-in-Waiting to Valencia.
The "holy" Vellfyre. Elinor has balked at her engagement to Ryam Vikary- and any ties to the worldly excesses of the court as she has only ever really wanted to devote herself to the gods, but the Fates just don't seem to be listening. Especially when in 1M A331 she found herself engaged to Gawen Vayth...

PB: Rosamund Pike
Daughter of Kadreth. Lady-in-waiting to Ziamara.
If curiosity kills the cat, the Lucia definitely is on her eighth life. She's not exactly the paragon of a lady and has been called to task many times for her 'sailor's mouth.' She has an insatiable need to know everything about everything but not so much everybody. To this end, she is far more fascinated in learning about the natural world than worrying over who is engaged to who this week. Despite all of her quirks, however, she is genuinely a kind-hearted person if a bit tactless, and if she warms up to you, she might even relent and show you her collection of daggers.
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Default Genealogy

*Kadreth (196-255) m. Lysandra Velstayth (205-244)
    *Kaleb (222-285) m. Lyria Valentin (226-281)
        *Kaidan (244-294) m. Alexandria Seyfert (251-289)
            ((Rothgar)) (268) m. Kylianne Sollis (271-300), m. Charlotte Howe (284)
                     James (288-312)
                    Jason (302) m. Parissa Harrowmont (314)
                    Valencia ALDARAYTH-FIRUZAHN (306)
                                               -/- Lyenthe Vikary
                    Rollant Fairchild, killed in Abat-Charn (301-328) m. Elizabeth Ambrosios (303)
                    Ziamara Fairchild (305) e. Elijah Vaughn
                                               -/- Nell ????
                    Myles (318), legitimized 331
            Volus (270-282)
            Alianor SOLLIS (272), a widow
            Bryce (275) m. Whitney Wolfe (284-330)
                    Garrett (twin 301-328), killed in Abat-Charn
                    Gavin (twin 301)
                    Rosina TAMOR (304), wedded to Meridiez
                    Kain (305) m. Alys Fairwind
                    Leandra SEYFERT (307-331)
    Kalden (225-286) m. Valisa Seyfert (230-261)
        Kailan (248-282) m. ????
            Keegan, Lord Marshall (277) m. Melantha Solvitreo (286)
                Kalden (303) e. Damiata Mondragon
                Kellan (305)
                Lenore (308) (divorced, 331)
            Leah VERACORA(280), a widow.
            Leiliana (283-289)
        Kellan (250-297) m. ????
                Lysandra __________ (276-316)

    Kailan (226-292) m. ???? (233)
        Kenton (252-281) m. Josephine Talventes (254-274)
            Unnamed baby boy (272)
            Unnamed baby boy (274)
        Lystra VAYTH (254-310)
        Kyler (255-318) m. Lorna Harrowmont (262)
            Kadreth (Adoptable!), constable Tal Volorro (286), m. Helaina Vikary (290-312)
                Kaleb (307), locked in a tower
                Elinor VAYTH (309)
                Lucia (311)
            Lysette (290-294)
            Lucinda SOLVITREO (291)

    Laetitia (227-308)

Other Natural Children of the King
- Cendrine Fairchild, 4 (b.327): w/ Raisa. Resides at Summerhall.
- Jayme Fairchild, 2 (b.329): w/ Raisa. Resides at Summerhall.

Royal Wards
- Freya Fairwind, 17 (b.314): lady-in-waiting to Alianor
- Kaiden Harrowmont, 8 (b.323)
- Geriana Fairwind, 14 (b.317): fostered w/ House Ambrosios
- Iliana Fairwind, 8 (b.323): fostered near Tal Volorro
- Zinnia Meadows, 6 (b.325): daughter of Kain
- Rosaline Meadows, 4 (b.327): twin, daughter of Kadreth
- Kade Meadows, 4 (b.327): twin, son of Kadreth

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Default Open Characters

... coming soon ...
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