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Plotting & Planning Post here with your introductions, plotting ideas, conversation about the game, etc.
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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Exclamation GAME CALENDAR (A331)

Previous Calendar: (link)

Quarantine still in effect from 12.24.330.

1.02: Prince Jayme Fairchild falls ill. The king makes plans to send a group from the palace to the temples to make prayers and due sacrifices to the gods.

1.03: Prince Bryce falls ill. A small group of nobles leaves the sealed palace to ride to the temple district and offer sacrifices. Rioting ensues, the king and his men manage to put it down but the Temple District is extremely damaged. Sections of Old Volorro are looted, but New Volorro and Firewell are ransacked by royal troops and sellswords in retribution. The King's illegitimate daughter, Princess Ziamara Fairchild, as well as Lady Lucia Vellfyre are grievously injured in the attacks on the temple district; several other highborn lords and ladies are wounded; Shiera Veracora is missing.

1.04: King Rothgar calls a council.

1.05: King Rothgar summons the most senior remaining priests and priestesses of the holy orders for a lengthy discussion that takes the majority of the afternoon.

1.06: Leandra Vellfyre Seyfert dies of the red fever. King Rothgar issues his edicts regarding reparations and the fate of the captured rebels of Tal Volorro. The king himself falls ill with the Red Fever this day.

1.11: Arista Vikary dies after a recurrence of the fever.

1.12: Thane Voldryn nameday.

1.18: EXECUTIONS of traitors.

1.20: Gareth Meadows nameday.

1.21: A proclamation declares the divorce of Lord Sollis from his wife, Lenore Vellfyre.

1.30: The quarantine is lifted.
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