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The Oracles
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Default Vikary of Vimark (vassals to Tal Vayth)

none so fierce

Motto: None so fierce
Sigil: A lion azure on or, per bend argent.

House Vikary is a house divided. Of Asseryan descent, the family retained its small village holding of Vimark in western Kingsreach by swearing fealty and fighting for the Vellfyre cause during Kadreth’s War. Afterward, they continued to quietly prosper until the Border Wars threw the land into an uproar, and House Vikary became known for its fighters and the skirmishes they won... until Lyenthe Vikary, the famed beauty of so many songs was born...

In A300, on his way to the peace talks in Trimeris, King Rothgar Vellfyre was charmed by the daughter of Lord Lymond, and took her as his mistress. To ease Lyenthe’s way at court, and to please her, he granted her brother Raethan the town of Cliffton- which is a bit larger, prosperous, and was far removed from the border troubles. Though the grant seemed a good gesture, Lyenthe and Raethan’s older brother Lyonel was furious and felt immensely slighted. Even the marriage of their sister Helaina to Lord Kadreth of House Vellfyre did nothing to ease the sting he felt.

Eventually, Lyonel’s bitterness overflowed and one day in the midst of a feast in Tor Vellesca in A303, Lyonel attacked his brother. Rothgar banished Lyonel from the court, and forbade him to ever enter the royal presence again. This did not stop Lyonel from leading his men into Cliffton to try to take his brother’s castle by force in A305. Lyonel was beheaded a few months later, and the lands in Vimark passed to the next brother, Isarn, who was no less bitter about not getting Raethan’s lands AND now about Lyonel’s death, but who at least had the sense not to show it.

Isarn died, bitter and resentful and choking on his own vomit after one too many month-long drinking binges, leaving his young son Robett to inherit Vimark... until Robett died in battle in Zaksebar and Vimark fell to Robett’s sister Arista, who herself became a ward of House Vayth. This turn of events led to Raethan Vikary pressing Queen Charlotte to name his younger son Luceon as the Lord of Vimark, much to the anger and rage of the Vimark Vikarys, who hold that Arista is the heiress and if she is to be excluded then it ought to be another branch of the family entirely instead of kin who they would rather kill than claim.

The lands of Vimark are currently held by Rhaeys Vikary as regent, who does not enjoy his family history but still holds the other side of the family responsible. The recent suggestion that Arista wed either Ryam or Luceon to reunite the two families has done nothing to ease either side’s outrage with their relatives. In fact, the Vikaries remained in separate camps even in Zaksebar.

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The Oracles
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Default Active/Played Members

click on icon for bio

PB: Holliday Grainger
Heiress. Lady in Waiting to Princess Ziamara.
Succumbed to fever in 331.
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The Oracles
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Default Genealogy

* Lymond Vikary (d. 260-325) m. Meryssa Starkadder (260-296)
    Lyonel (277-305, beheaded) m. Taena Talventes (d. 325)
        Lydden (297-310, died of a fever)
    *Isarn (278-326) m. Jeyne Sollis (d.317)
        *Robett (311-329, died in battle)
         Arista (d. 316-331)
    Raethan (b. 280), made Lord of Cliffton in 301, m. Aeria ????
    Lyenthe (d. 282-307) mistress to King Rothgar
        Rollant Fairchild (301-328)
        Ziamara Fairchild (305)
    Helaina VELLFYRE (290-312)
Merrek Vikary (263-330) m. Allora ????
    ((Rhaeys)) (293) m. Sindra Vayth (306, 24)
        Jyanna (225, 5)
    Lymond (295, 35) m. ????
    Alaric (301, 29)
    Varens (303, 27), a Crownsguard
    Allora (305-308)
Salina HOWE

- Lydden Meadows, 18, natural son of Rhaeys Vikary. A knight.

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