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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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The Oracles
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Exclamation GAME CALENDAR (A331)

Previous Calendar: (link)

Quarantine still in effect from 12.24.330.

1.02: Prince Jayme Fairchild falls ill. The king makes plans to send a group from the palace to the temples to make prayers and due sacrifices to the gods.

1.03: Prince Bryce falls ill. A small group of nobles leaves the sealed palace to ride to the temple district and offer sacrifices. Rioting ensues, the king and his men manage to put it down but the Temple District is extremely damaged. Sections of Old Volorro are looted, but New Volorro and Firewell are ransacked by royal troops and sellswords in retribution. The King's illegitimate daughter, Princess Ziamara Fairchild, as well as Lady Lucia Vellfyre are grievously injured in the attacks on the temple district; several other highborn lords and ladies are wounded; Shiera Veracora is missing.

1.04: King Rothgar calls a council.

1.05: King Rothgar summons the most senior remaining priests and priestesses of the holy orders for a lengthy discussion that takes the majority of the afternoon.

1.06: Leandra Vellfyre Seyfert dies of the red fever. King Rothgar issues his edicts regarding reparations and the fate of the captured rebels of Tal Volorro. The king himself falls ill with the Red Fever this day.

1.11: Arista Vikary dies after a recurrence of the fever.

1.12: Thane Voldryn nameday.

1.18: EXECUTIONS of traitors.

1.20: Gareth Meadows nameday.

1.21: A proclamation declares the divorce of Lord Sollis from his wife, Lenore Vellfyre.

1.30: The quarantine is lifted.
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The Oracles
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Default 2M A331

With the gates open, traders are pouring in and the lords of the land pour out as they must see to their spring duties. Inform the mods of when your lords depart so the dates will appear here.

2.02: Prince Jarem departs for Kingsport.

2.03: Lady Leonora and the Voldryn party arrive in Tal Volorro, as does a party from Lord Hayford bringing Zinnia Meadows to her father's family.

2.05: Rosina Vellfyre nameday. Gawen Vayth and his company depart Tal Volorro.

2.08: Prince Jason, his wife and household depart Tal Volorro for Summerhall, having been delayed a day by rain. Also included are most of the Vellfyre children. Prince Jarem arrives in Kingsport.

2.09: Lady Amelia Wyatt and her train arrive to take her place with Lady Lorna.

2.12: Prince Jason and his household arrive at Summerhall.

2.15: Freya Fairwind + Adan Vayth nameday.

2.16: Amina Solvitreo + Valencia Vellfyre nameday. A party is given for the princess in the great hall.

2.19: Lanius Draven nameday.

2.28: Kalden Vellfyre nameday.
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The Oracles
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Default 3M A331

3.01: Preparation for Spring Progress begins in earnest in Tal Volorro. A tourney for local knights and lordlings is held in Summerhall.

3.09: the announcement of a tourney and great celebrations in Delving is sent out through the land

3.10: Rosina Vellfyre's letter and the presents accompanying it at last reach her family in Tal Volorro.

3.11: Queen Charlotte and her chosen companions depart Tal Volorro toward Kingsport where they will take a royal ship and escorts toward Trimeris.

3.12: Prince Jason's court at Summerhall leaves to travel south to Tal Volorro. They are gathering some spring taxes on behalf of the king's household which delays them a couple days on the road.

3.16: Queen Charlotte's company arrive in Kingsport.

3.17: The Summerhall contingent arrives in Tal Volorro. They make camp outside the city walls as it will be easier than sorting out the accomodations in the castle for most of them. In Kingsport, Queen Charlotte and her company sail with the morning tide.

3.18: The King's Court sets off from Tal Volorro to begin collecting Spring Taxes, survey the land, bolster morale, hear cases requiring royal judgment, and probably indulge in a few tourneys here and there.
Travel to Delving. (3 days) (Very Strong Winds Along the Way - Makes Setting Camp and Lighting Fires Difficult)
Stay at/near: Honeywell (House Beesley, 3.18), Lumberton (House Oakmont, 3.19), some hamlet too tiny for a name- the pavilions are pitched by the road (domain of Ser Deziel Marbarrow, 3.20)
3.21-3.27: Court stays in Delving.

3.23-3.25: DELVING TOURNEY. 23 (Swords/Archery), 24 (Melee), 25 (Joust)

3.25: The final joust ends in Kain Vellfyre's victory and he crowns Amina Solvitreo as Queen of Love and Beauty. The court then witnesses the wedding of Elinor Vellfyre to Lord Rhaegar Vayth.

3.26: Lord Ryan Seyfert has Lady Zanara Solvitreo arrested and put into the Edelinan Tower. She is freed by Rhaegar Vayth and Thane Voldryn, reinforced by the arrival of Lord Gaiseric Harrowmont. Prince Jason intervenes to stop the ensuing brawl between Seyfert and Vellfyre men. The king orders Lord Ryan and his priests arrested and imprisoned in their own tower that same afternoon. That evening he summons all the lords present to witness his investiture of Ryan's son as Lord Seyfert, and sentencing Ryan to live in the tower. The Solvitreos take matters into their own hands, and Lady Tyana and Ser Darres set the tower on fire, resulting in the deaths of the priests and Ryan Seyfert.

3.27: Rothgar, having announced that Tyana's dower will be forfeit as bloodgilt for the crime against their host, also oversees a duel between Ser Darres and Lord Kyle Seyfert's champion. Darres loses, and is badly wounded.

3.28: The court leaves Delving for Mirrormount. Stays that night near Stonemark with House Carvell.

3.29: A hailstorm hits as the court travels toward Ashmark. Players will roll for injury to characters, horses, retinue, etc. (Damage results here)

3.30-3.31: The court straggles into Ashmark, getting repairs made to wheelhouses and replacing horses. They are met by House Harrowmont, with Gavin and Kalden Vellfyre.
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The Oracles
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4.01: The court leaves Ashmark to head toward Mirrormount. They stay that night with House Morrow in Kingsgrave. Bryony Vayth's nameday.

4.02: Arrival at Mirrormount. They intend to remain at Mirrormount for 10 days to get tents repaired and horses replaced, take on new servants.

4.04: Elijah Vaughn's nameday.

4.05: The court rides out on a great hunt this morning. The crown prince is injured after killing a boar.

4.11: Edric Sollis dies in Copplestone. His cousin assumes power, as an investigation into possible poisoning is launched.

4.13: Depart Mirrormount for Moonspire, expecting a 6 day journey.

4.14: Lenore Vellfyre's nameday.

4.15: Carolei Vikary's nameday.

4.17: Toward the evening, bandits beset the royal progress on the Kingsroad between Mirrormount and Moonspire. The king and company are forced to seek shelter in the nearest town.

4.18: Adhemar Solvitreo's nameday. Jayme Ascalon executed in Grey Glenn for failing his duty to Prince Jason. In Tal Dragore, Berengar Saherazai dies under suspicious circumstances.

4.19: Prince Jason's household leave Grey Glenn for Moonspire to lessen the strain on House Hunter's larder and resources. They are accompanied by knights from Hunter and some surrounding Moonspire vassals. The wounded will remain as many can not yet be risked to the uncertain roads.

4.20: Feast of Merrik in Blacktide. The king and the remainder of the unwounded court leave Grey Glenn.

4.21: Burial of Ser Worthing in Blacktide.

4.22: Offerings to Corvus in Blacktide. Prince Jason's household arrives in Moonspire. Tania Zisemides reaches Portsmouth with her infant daughter.

4.23: The king's company arrives in Moonspire, and his messenger reaches Grey Glenn to inform Princess Alianor of her son's death. In Kingsreach, Princess Ziamara and Gavin Vellfyre take their leave of Blacktide, journeying toward Tal Volorro only to be turned back after an attack by bandits.

4.25: Adhemar receives word of the Veracora taking over Saherazai ships.

4.26: Princess Alianor departs Grey Glenn, leaving Kalden, Lucia, and an assortment of attendants and servants to keep them well looked after.

4.28: Princess Alianor's party arrives in Moonspire.

4.29 TOURNEY @ MOONSPIRE (lasting til 4.30)
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The Oracles
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5.01 Olivar Saherazai turns up in Tal Solarii to speak with Adhemar.

5.02: The royal court embark on the barges and river ships to sail from Moonspire to Fairgrove. They stay overnight at the small town of Mallowkeep - most courtiers will remain in the barges, royals and Harrowmonts are squeezed into what limited room is available in the lord's holdfast (remember how squished you were in Grey Glenn? Think back on that fondly).

5.03: The court leaves Mallowkeep. That night is spent on the barges. In Meridiez, the royal palace falls to the rebels.

5.04: Arrival in Fairgrove. House Solvitreo greets its new guests in great ceremony. Lord Khorane announces a series of games to be held in the Fairgrove arena (5.05-5.15)

5.12-13: Lemuralia: The spring cleansing of malevolent spirits, chiefly accomplished with appeals to Corvus by the heads of households, who are supposed to get up at midnight and walk through the house throwing black beans over their shoulders after which the family should make a great deal of noise to finish scaring the spirits out of the house. The wealthy prefer to pay people to do this, and find the noisemaking an opportunity for a party more often than not. Jeharraz' Zisemides nameday.

5.14: Merrik's Blessings: Merchants sprinkle heads, ships and merchandice with water taken from the temple of Merrik (the great one in Seastone is most favored). Additional blessings and foretelling may be sought from the priests and priestesses at this time.

5.16: Lucia and Kalden and the remaining recouperating wounded are deemed fit enough to travel and are sent to begin making their very slow and careful way toward Moonspire. In Meridiez, the rebel generals undertake discussions of sending Rosina Vellfyre along with an embassy north to Edolon, as a token of good faith following portents foretold to them at the Merrick festival.

5.17: The king's company departs Fairgrove and continues traveling by river to Tal Solarii. That night is another small town.

5.18: The court remains on the barges this night. Zoe Harrowmont's nameday.

5.19: The court arrives in Tal Solarii. That night is a grand feast and ball thrown in their honor.

5.20: Lucia, Kalden and Company arrive in Moonspire. Twelve days of games and balls begin in Tal Solarii.

5.23: Salindra Harrowmont and Elizabeth Ambrosios' nameday.

5.24: Lucia, Kalden and Co rejoin the court in Tal Solarii. Rosina and a company of Merideen soldiers leave the royal stronghold, making a slow journey to the ports where they will take ships to sail north to Edolon.
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