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Default Bryony Vayth

- Character Information -
Name: Bryony Vayth
Titles, if any: Lady Bryony
Age and Birthdate: Twenty years of age. Born the fourth month, the first day, in the year 310.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Vayth, Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: House Vayth, and of course, House Vellfyre
Position at Court: Lady-in-waiting to Princess Parissa

PB: Odeya Rush

She is told that she takes a lot after her brother Rhaegar because he is “quiet” like she is, but in truth, she tends to take more after her uncle Adan, and not because they both have blue eyes…their temperament is quite the same. She is just as quietly confident as he, and just as clever, her sharp mind seeing past the obvious and delving to what is truly there. Had she been born a man, she would have done marvelously at politics. But for all her cleverness, she cannot quite figure out why her father is so bitter, why her sister seems so sad, why her uncle does not wish to fill his life with a wife or children, or why her brother seems to not want to take any part in their family.

Bryony is the last child of Gawen, and for all intents and purposes, the forgotten child, forgotten by everyone save for her siblings. Being ignored might have crushed other children, but it caused Bryony to learn to depend on herself more often than not, and caused her to be very observant and mindful of her surroundings. She can be the seen, and yet the unseen, and sometimes people will feel comfortable talking about things they maybe shouldn't otherwise because they think she might not be listening.

Sweet is the word that her family (well, certain members) and others use to describe her. She is genuinely nice and kind to others, even those who may not initially deserve it. Some might see this as naivety, though she is more of an idealist than anything, and believes no one is beyond all help. Bryony tends to put others before herself, and does not see herself as being above anyone, even if she is nobility. She loves charity work, and she especially loves helping out orphaned children (she has a soft spot for children and this is the one part that excites her about marriage…she cannot wait to be wed so she can have children of her own to love).

Fourth month, 310: The sixth and final child of Gawen Vayth and Adorra Fairwind, a girl, is born. Gawen accepts her and mutters some kind of incoherent milkname…it is decided that he said Whisper, so that is what she is called. Rhaegar leaves, though she is too young to remember it.
311: Whisper is given the name Bryony. It is in this year that her mother dies, though she is too young to really remember her.
317: Bryony starts her education. She learns to read, to write, when it is appropriate to speak, and when it’s appropriate to keep her mouth shut. One of the most valuable lessons a Vayth can learn, it seems.
318: Her brother Rhaegar weds someone her father does not approve of. She remembers her father being angrier than he usually is.
322: Her sister, Sindra, weds Rhaeys Vikary. She is sad to see her go.
324: Her father falls ill, and of course she is saddened to see as such. He is her lord father, after all.
325: The Northern Wars begin, and her sister Maressa becomes a widow. This is the year she is sent away to be fostered and begin her services as a lady in service to one of her father’s vassals. Maressa tells her she is setting aside money for her well-being.
326: Bryony comes to court to be Maressa’s lady-in-waiting, and learns much from her.
328: She hears word that her brother, Keven, is killed. She mourns deeply.
329: Her father informs her she is to be betrothed to Kellan Vellfyre (a Vellfyre! She is pleased beyond belief.)
330: Parissa Harrowmont weds Jason Vellfyre, and it is announced Bryony is a part of the new princess’s retinue as a lady-in-waiting. A grand honor indeed.

One maid.

- Player Information –
Name: Brandy
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