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Default (01)RULES


Players are expected to conduct themselves with respect toward their fellow players and the board, and to react to problems or disputes calmly and maturely, and to play to the culture & world instead of OOC considerations. By submitting an application to this game, they agree to comply with these rules and expectations.
  1. This board is for age 18+. This game is rated M.
  2. IC and OOC are separate things.
  3. Account Per Character. (User Accounts).
  4. Play-By's and avatars are required. (Graphics Guidelines).
  5. Threads will be dated and labeled, with a warning if needed. (How To Label & Tag posts).

  1. No word counts. Grammar and spelling are still a thing.
  2. Realism is expected.
    No Magic. We’re roughly analogous to 11th century Western Europe, not Narnia.

    No Ivory Towers. We expect characters to effect and be affected by the world around them, for good or bad, expected or not because a) we use dice, b)this is not a game meant for pre-plotting. In-Character Actions == In-Character Consequences so slap the king, lose a hand and all that jazz.

    Your character has a job and they need to do it. Or they can get fired: fired means sent home, sent home means gone from court. Gone from court means they're unplayable. It is your problem about how to get them back if they get fired/banished/their hand cut off. Remember to mention your character's job within posts/when planning things out. Also: If you are short on time, please communicate IC decisions that affect others' game-play via PMs or OOC threads so others can play off them.
  3. Character Restrictions.

    Each player should try to have no more than 3 characters in (or serving) a single noble family (except House Vellfyre, since everyone serves them). Game play may progress some characters into unexpected stations, and if it happens we will only ask you to be mindful of your characters' actions to avoid power-playing. Aside from this, players may have as many characters as they can keep active with- the mods reserve the right to deny further characters if activity is a continual issue.

    Canons are important - (Surnames: Vellfyre, Solvitreo, Harrowmont) If you cannot keep them active, please don't apply for one. We will be stricter on the reliable activity of these characters- they have more status, more influence, more responsibility and as such need to be seen, heard, and punching walls or something.

    Connect the dots - We love new original characters but consider how your new puppet will interact with others, where they fit and what they will add to the game and court as a whole.

  4. If you don't play them, don't play for them.

    No NPC-Loopholes: Unplayed characters still exist. And they are not played, so do not assume their actions- if you need them to act, ask the mods (we'll probably say yes but there's a chance someone's Private Life might affect decisions so please: ask). Players can say servants are doing their jobs or sock puppet conversations with them, but the servants' thoughts and actions outside that scene are not determined by the player. Don't use an NPC to accomplish what your character(s) can't.

    You make ‘em, you can break ‘em. Players may kill off their own characters at their own discretion, or send them away from court, etc.
  5. Keep your dice ready.
    When there is an element of chance (battles, duels, etc) and/or players cannot agree on an outcome, everyone will submit dice rolls to the mods and the results will be determined that way. Dice rolls are also used for the mail delivery. Passcode: caterpillar.

  6. Activity Requirements.

    Reply to plot-critical threads within three days (unless you're on hiatus). If a player fails to reply to plot-important threads, other players may continue on without them, and/or the mods will wind up the lagging character's part in the thread or the plot as best they can. The mods do not want to do this. It makes the mods sad. Don't make the mods sad. This is here because Edolon is built to function without pre-plotting and sometimes this means a thread needs to be written out so we all know what the heck happened. Especially important with canons and those in positions of power.

    Post a hiatus if you’re unavailable and not posting for a week or more. If you haven't posted for 1 month with a character (without a hiatus) they are inactive and come off the played lists/go up for adoption.

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