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Default (01) Positions at Court

If you wish to apply for a character who will occupy these positions, feel free!

The Main Officials
  • Steward (Available) - domestic affairs of the household like stocking the larder, household accounts, etc. Often a relative of the Lord/King.
  • Marshal (Keegan Vellfyre [Available!])- oversees stables, horses, armory, smiths, discipline of knights; may be de facto head of household security in times of crisis. Usually friend of the Lord/King, some places it is a hereditary position.
  • Chamberlain - oversees the private living quarters; answers to the steward == ????
  • Master of Wardrobe - keeps track of clothing, jewelry; answers to the steward == ????
  • Master Huntsman - in charge of hunters, kennels, answers to Steward == ????
  • Falconer (Luceon Vikary (Adoptable!)) - (often noble himself because who else learns, answers to Steward)
  • Captain of the Guard - in charge of castle guards, organizes watch, answers to Marshal. == ????
  • Dancing Master - instructs courtiers in dances, in charge of revels and musicians. Nominally answers to the Steward, is fond of going to the Princess or Queen instead == ????
  • Gaoler - in charge of the gaol (jail), prisoners, sometimes interrogation. Answers to Marshal. == ????
  • Physician (Lanius Draven) - basically resident on-staff doctor, has several assistants (his assistants are == ????)
  • Poet - often kept as a source of amusement and someone to record courtly events in stylized rhyme, write lyrics for the minstrels, etc == ????
  • Artist - in charge of making royal portraits, sculptures, keeping up murals and castle decorations, making new novelties to amuse or be used in court entertainments. == ????

Assorted Servants and Helpers - with a rough estimate for how many are in the royal palace. Jobs marked with an asterisk are playable, the others are only NPCs because they aren't likely to get much interaction with the nobility.
  • Handmaidens*: Serve an individual lady or a set of sisters at most. Wealthy women might have two or more maids. Responsible for dressing, mending, hair styling, packing, and basically doing everything for their mistress. Frequently a spy on behalf of a woman's husband or family. (numbers vary widely depending on how many ladies are in residence or brought their own maids, etc)
  • Washerwomen: Wash the castle clothing, bedding, tapestries, etc. Their hands are rough and cracked from the lye soap, and often stained by dyes. (20)
  • Cooks: A small army of these trained individuals keep any castle fed. Usually cooks are trained and expert in a specific type of food whether pastries, cakes, meats, etc. The head cook is the most senior of them and answers to the steward. (15)
  • Kitchen helpers: Spit turners (yes someone's entire job is turning spits while sitting by giant fires and yes lots of them deal with recurrent heat strokes and burns), apprentice cooks, servers, etc (30)
  • Scullery maids: Cleaners of pots and pans, ovens, potatoes etc. NOT a pleasant or easy job. In fact it's pretty much one of the worst and most miserable. (10)
  • Maids and Footmen: Cleaning staff, who also assist with packing, unloading, keeping torches and lanterns lit, general servant jobs. More men than women. (40)
  • Men-at-arms*: The castle guards basically; these men are not knights and often their weapons and armor are provided by the king or lord they serve. (300)
  • Grooms: See to the horses, tack and saddles, and maintenance of palanquins or other vehicles. (80)
  • Hunters: These men are the main source of the castle's game and meat provisions. Their number includes the masters of the kennel. (10)
  • Pages*: Mostly the sons of nobles, they stay with the household as a show of good will and range in age from 7 to 14. They are usually tasked with running messages, serving at meals, and cleaning in addition to learning combat, heraldry and courtly graces. Some commoner boys are also pages, though they do not receive the courtly or combat training. Often both types will have to sleep in the kennel to ensure the dogs don't fight- on the bright side the kennels tend to be much warmer in winter than the rest of the place. If they're really in trouble they'll get to clean the mews (the falcon house). Some returning Crusaders have set a bit of a fashion to have foreign pages from far-off lands. They answer to either the lord they serve, or the Steward- or Chamberlain, Marshal, whoever is yelling at them that moment, etc... (100)
  • Squires*: Boys 12 or older. Responsible for bearing the shield, armor, and sometimes standard for his knight. Cleans the knight's armor, saddles and cares for his knight's horse, assists with donning of armor. They answer to their knight or the marshal, which can make their life much easier than that of a page. More in the knighthood section. (80)
  • Musicians*: Wandering minstrels and bards are frequent features in Edolon, but some remain in one court as a fixture to sing for the nobles, provide music for new dances, lessons, or plays. (15)
  • Under-gaolers: Assistants to the gaoler, these men act as guards, keepers of keys and may be responsible for interrogating prisoners as well as feeding and keeping them alive. (10)
  • Fools*: Providers of comic relief and raucous songs. Supposedly they answer to the steward but their employment most depends on how amusing the royal family finds him to be. (1 or 2) (Oliver Meadows & ????)
  • Magisters*: They serve as tutors to the pages, squires and resident noble children, scribes to draft royal proclamations and write down laws. Usually found assisting the Justiciar and Lord of Laws. A couple also serve as castle physicians. (1 to 5)

Other People At Court

Trimerid Ambassador: Jarem Aldarayth-Firuzahn
Merideen Ambassador: ???? (OPEN)

King Rothgar's Lords of the Chamber (6)

King Rothgar's Squires (3)

Queen Charlotte's Ladies of the Chamber(2)
  • Catalana Mondragon (Available!)
  • Vianna Velgararth (Available!)

Queen Charlotte's Ladies-in-Waiting(5)

Prince Jason's Lords of the Chamber (3)

Prince Jason's Squires (3)
  • Saul Tranton (Available!)
  • Varric Darnby (Available!)
  • Tallad Hunter (as of 4M A331) (Available!)

Princess Valencia's Ladies of the Chamber (2)
Princess Valencia's Ladies-in-Waiting (3)
  • Lora Vaughn (formerly served Princess Whitney) (Available!)
  • Leonora Voldryn (Adoptable!)
  • OPEN

Princess Ziamara's Ladies of the Chamber (2)
Princess Ziamara's Ladies-in-Waiting (4)
Prince Bryce's Lords of the Chamber (2)
Princess Bryce's Squires (3)
  • Willem Clay (Available!)
  • Torrance Darklyn (Available!)
  • TBD

Princess Alianor's Ladies of the Chamber (4)

Princess Alianor's Ladies-in-Waiting (5)
Lady Melantha's Ladies-in-Waiting (4)
  • OPEN
  • Kaelyn Harrowmont (Available!)
  • OPEN
  • Cerenna Hunter (as of 4M A331) (Available!)

Princess Parissa's Ladies of the Chamber (2)
Princess Parissa's Ladies-in-Waiting (4)
Crownsguard (10)
  • Captain: Uriel Reinhardt
  • Derek Glover (Available!)
  • Justin Morrow (Available!)
  • Bors Salt (Available!)
  • Varens Vikary (Available!)
  • Rothgar Veracora (Available!)
  • OPEN x 4

COURT CHAMPIONS - These men a sworn swords, charged with protecting an individual royal. They often work with the Crownsguard.
  • Gareth Agrivale (Adoptable) - Queen Charlotte
  • Mark Sterwein - Princess Ziamara (Available!)
  • OPEN - Princess Valencia
  • Worthing Wolfe - Princess Alianor (d. 3M A331, apply for replacement!)
  • Sagramore Meadows - Prince Bryce (Available!)
  • Rhaegar Vayth - Prince Jason
  • Gaiseric Harrowmont - Princess Parissa (Available!)


Lady-in-Waiting: in Edolon, this is used to denote an unmarried woman of noble birth who serves in the household of a lady of equal or greater birth to learn the ways of running a castle or holding court often in order to secure a good marriage. Most noblewomen have one or two. If you are obsessive about royal court history, yes, they would be called 'maids of honour' in many places.

Ladies of the Chamber: In Edolon, used to mean ladies probably married (but not necessarily) who serve a noblewoman of higher status; often they are related by blood as these women will be closer and trusted confidantes. Only found among the families of the High Lords or royals, as in smaller households the ladies-in-waiting will fulfill this role.

Marshal: In early times, these men were essentially heads of household security. Marshals evolved out of the captain of the horse as knights became a thing: the word itself basically means 'horse servant' in old german. A Marshal in Edolon oversees the lord's/court's knights, the stables and may in the lord's absence command his yeomen guards and city watch. This keeps absolute power out of the hands of the stewards and castellans and creates a balance of power to help avoid usurpation of the lords' powers in case of his prolonged absence in war or other upheavals.

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