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Default Ruling House: Harrowmont of Highclere Cross, Godsgrace & Ashmark

House Harrowmont
having passed a rough path

 photo HarrowmontLarge_zpsdb063e35.png
Sigil: Azure, three dragons rampant.

Motto: Having passed a rough path

House Harrowmont has ruled the mountains as long as anyone can recall. They maintain their rule from Highclere Cross, the closest thing the west has to a city. The family also holds the storied fortress of Ashmark high in the mountains where the inhabitants can flee as a last resort. A third castle, Godsgrace, is further east, where the Lord of the West can hold court if famine drives them eastward, or meet with royal progresses as the roads into the higher mountains are hard on travelers unaccustomed to the difficulty of hostile terrain and mercurial weather.

Ashmark is maintained by his cousin cousin and close friend, Markus. As none of Markus’ sons lived past infancy, there has been debate over who may follow him in the stewardship. Godsgrace is maintained by Lord Attericus’ brother, Roland but common assumption holds that estate will be next handed to one of Attericus’ sons.

The hillfolk of the West were the ones never quite bested in the Asseryan conquest, but what armies could not win, merchants did. Trade routes opened up through the mountains- though never without risk were swifter (and free of piracy) than sailing all the way around the coast of Sutherland- and as the merchants came and went, they brought Eastern religious ideology, fashion, and coin.

Still, when the occupation began to crumble, the Westridge nobility were swift to join the Vellfyre cause (no doubt calculating how much less of their incomes would go into taxes). They overthrew the Asseryan governors… yet the Asseryan merchants never quite left.

In the years after there were other problems: as Asserya and its might fell away, the ancient blood feuds and border wars rose up like the mountain ghosts, to summon more dead into their company. Always more clannish than the lowland Edolene, the ‘Ridge was united under Lord Petrus Harrowmont only after a catastrophic attack by the Elonian raiders. His son, Rabastan, managed to hold the alliances together (mostly) while they fought off the reavers from Elonian warlord Alzaran as he sought to take over crucial mines and passes.

The Border Wars soaked Westridge’s lands in blood, and in the end the peace negotiations were still not entirely to their liking: setting aside old grudges is NOT a mountain specialty. While a great deal of territory was returned to Westridge families, and key passes were agreed as being the domain of the Harrowmonts, lands that Westridge had claimed across the mountains was ceded back to Elonia- the most galling part of this being one stretch to the northern tip which was home to a deal of mining.

The mountains stand apart from the lowlands not out of hostility but because the mountains are treacherous to travel and they are often involved with their own squabbles and territorial fights. The Northern War attracted many lesser sons and knights from the ‘Ridge as they went to seek their fortunes, but many nobles sent their levees and their gold, and remained behind to keep fighting their own feuds. It’s just not as important to (most of) them who is doing what in Southshores, or Kingsreach when they need that next valley to be reclaimed by their family or the neighbor has been insulting their cows.

There’s also the matter of… how things are done. Aside from trying to kill one another, Westridge society places extreme emphasis on guest rights and hospitality before one can bash another’s brains out. Stealing cows and property tends to be something of a pastime, but merchants are generally left unmolested as their trade is important and the Harrowmonts DO prosecute assaulting caravans.

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The Oracles
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Default Active/Played Members

click on icon for bio

PB: Kim Coates
Lord of Westridge.
Attericus has ruled the mountains since his 18th year, and seldom leaves them. He was squire to King Rothgar in his youth, and knighted by the king's own hand, but his friends in Kingsreach seldom see him save the times he meets the king's progress in Ashmark. Attericus prefers fighting to diplomacy and blades to words, though he'll talk if he has to. He is closest with his brother Roland, and now his oldest sons have returned he's welcomed them warmly as well.

PB: Simon Baker
Steward of Ashmark. Father of Salindra and Zoe.

PB: Amber Heard
Daughter of Markus. Lady-in-waiting to Princess Ziamara
Salindra is more lowlander than mountain child, born and raised in Ashmark among the rolling hills and vineyards. Her cousins may heed the mountain spirits, but Lin would rather enjoy tourneys and dancing. Being at the royal court would be the ultimate joy for her, and she is praying for that chance. Accompanying Parissa to Summerhall, and no doubt aiming to find herself a permanent position (or at least more secure than simply chaperoning a younger cousin for a month or so).

PB: Emily Kinney
Married to Crown Prince Jason.
A slight presence, in so many ways... Parissa is often mistaken as being much younger than she is, and even the polish of a Southshores education hasn't helped. Eager for adventure, friendship, and recognition she's praying her time at court will not be boring.
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The Oracles
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Default Genealogy

*Berengarius (b.212-270) m. Beverleigh Vellstayth (212-240)
    *Petrus (b.234-299) m. Illiana Solvitreo (238-268)
        Rabastan (b.258-290), died in battle m. ?????? (b.259?)
            Zeledonia ________, 53(b.277)
            ((Attericus)), 49 (b.281) m. Lyonore Spicer (b.289-323)
                Alaric 24, (b.306), a knight
                Gaiseric, 22 (b.308), a knight, serving at Tal Volorro
                Robert, 17 (b.313), just knighted.
                Parissa VELLFYRE, 16 (b.314), fostered in Tal Solarii
                Jonathor, 15 (b.315), at the magisterium
                Zarina, 11 (b.319), fostering in Shatterstone
                Kaiden, 7 (b.323), sent to foster in Tal Volorro
            Roland 47,(b.283, steward of Godsgrace) m. Michelle Wyatt (b.287)
                Liliyana __________, 19 (b.311)
                Vespera,17 (b.313), a companion to Parissa
                Ryence, 14(b.314)
            Andrixus 46,(b.284), a priest
            Adalyde SOLVITREO 43, (b.287)
            Domeric (b.288-327), died in battle m. ???
                Kaelyn, 16 (b.314), lady-in-waiting to Melantha Solvitreo
                Edric 15,(b.315), a squire to King Rothgar
                Lucan 11,(b.319), a page
        Lorna VELLFYRE 78,(b.262)
        Sebastiano (b.264-292), died in battle m. ???
            Azarion 45, (b.285) m. ???
                Landrikus 22, (b.308) m. ???
                Zayne 20, (b.310)
        Auria 64, (b.266), a priestess
        Alaric (b.269-312), died in a tourney m. ???
            Freya MONDRAGON (b.299)

    Delara _________ (b.237-270)

    Sarracino (b.240-281) m. ????
        Diego (b.260-298), died in battle m. ????
            Illiara ________ 48 (b.282)
            Markus 43, (b.287, steward of Ashmark) m. Alvira Carolin (b.296)
                Salindra 18 (b.312), lady-in-waiting to Princess Ziamara
                Zoe16 (b.314)
        Rodrigo (b.265-295), died in battle m. ????
            Iohan (b.288-315), died of Summer Fever
            Julian (b.293-328), died in Abat Charn m. ????
                Rothgar (b.315), squired to Lord Attericus.
        Sansia _______ (b.277)

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