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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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The Oracles
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Default Mondragon of Mirrormount

tread lightly here

Sigil: A sleeping dragon on a white field
Motto: tread lightly here

The Wolf River rushes headlong down from the mountains where it slows and becomes the Wolf's Mirror, a calm and placidly flowing rivulet that wanders past the town of Mirrormount on its way to join the broad, busy Red Wolf some miles north.

The town of Mirrormount is in itself not much faster than its river: a quiet, tiny town of a little under two thousand souls, Mirrormount's income is mostly from trade- the ores and snow leaves coming down from the mountains- or from the vineyards in the surrounding countryside, though herds of sheep, goats, and hardy mountain cattle are visible everywhere. The closest places of any note are Redwater and Delving, and The City (the only one in the 'West, Highclere) is the better part of two weeks journey south, in good weather--and good weather is always a chancy thing so close to the mountains. However, as you travel further west, countless places in the countryside feature ruined towers, abandoned fortresses, and towns half-empty of people with houses and shops falling slowly into ever more ruinous states.

Despite Mirrormount's quiet appearance, the area is patrolled heavily by the rangers of House Mondragon who are concerned with protecting the passes and rivers, and the lowland vineyards and the mountain groves of snowtrees.

There's also a matter of language: the natives of this area speak differently, and words of local and the ancient Meerish langauge are mixed into their daily vocabulary- even some Elonian words are used. They do not travel through Edolon as widely and the nobles' High Edolene is thickly accented and often they too may use strange, antiquated or foreign words.

Mirrormount takes its name from the glorious fortress that stands incongruously just north of it on a high bluff- the vast edifice is an odd creation not quite Asseryan and not quite Edolene- some of its older towers feature odd spires with polished stone that still shines and shimmers in the light that are not even Asseryan but perhaps something else entirely: Silverhall is its name, but many others call it Mirrorfell these days as the silver that once flowed into this vast holding from western mines is long gone, lost to Elonia with the final settlements of the Border Wars- though it had not been in Edolene hands for decades before that.

House Mondragon is a martial house- they do not celebrate chivalry as much as their 'Reachmen cousins but they do value skilled sword arms and strong commanders. The hatred of Elonia runs deep and virulent despite the fact they maintain some trade across the border- for food, for silver, for cattle (and it's possible some Elonians might maintain that Mondragon winks at its vassals who raid across the border instead of trading but of course Elonians always lie).

In A330, there was a massive attack on House Fairdragon, a distant offshoot of House Mondragon from ages gone by who often wedded sons and daughters with Mirrormount- Lord Benedar's own mother had been a Fairdragon and he grieved deeply for cousins he lost in the bloody Elonian massacre. House Mondragon has been leading the cry in Westridge to see justice done and warfare declared on the monsters across the border.

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The Oracles
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Default Active/Played Members

... coming soon ...
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The Oracles
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Default Genealogy

*Izarn (b.253-293, killed in battle) m. Veronica Fairdragon (260-315, d. of fever)
--((Benedar)) (b.276) m. Meryssa Sollis (b.279)
----- Jacen (b.299) 32 m. Freya Harrowmont (b.299)
-------- Alia (b.320)
-------- Trencavel (b.324)
----- Dionis (b.300-328), died in battle m. ????
----- Aularia _______, a widow (b.302)
----- Jofre (b.306) m. ???? (d. in childbirth, 325)
-------- Karl Stone, (b.324)
----- Ysabel CAROLIN (b.308)
----- Valero (b.310)
--Brianda, a priestess (b.278)
----- Valisa Stone (b.302), a widow
--Gerard (b.281) m. ????
----- Violante ________ (b.303)
----- Marq (b.305) m. ???? (d.331 of fever)
----- Setina HUNTER (b.306)
--Zezaro (b.286-319, tourney accident) m. ????
----- Tareza (twin) (b.311), a widow
----- Pareza (twin) (b.311)
----- Damiata (b.313) e. Kalden Vellfyre
-- Catalana SEYFERT (b.287), a widow, lady-of-the-chamber to Queen Charlotte
Irisa (b.254), a widow
Rebeka HOWE (b.260-308)
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