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Default Wanted Characters

Reply here with characters you want to see in the game. Include their names, a couple sentences about them. If you want to suggest pb's to go with them, you need to list at least 3 with the understanding that the person who takes the character can choose anyone they like, not necessarily someone from that list.

Princess Alianor Vellfyre Sollis, 58. TAKEN. Widow of Lord Septimus Sollis since 324, though his death didn't inconvenience her any more than his life had. Alianor wed in 288 but remained mostly at court- especially following Rothgar's ascent to the throne. She served as governess to his daughters, and has all but run the household during Charlotte's tenure as queen (if you ask Alianor). It is partly her influence that ensured Rothgar brought her granddaughter Arista to court this year- one more incident as proof that she has the ear of both her brothers when she wants to. Usually allied with Melantha in day-to-day affairs.
play-by suggested: Jane Seymour, Helen Mirren, Michelle Pfeiffer, (she's blond)

♕ Kadreth Vellfyre, 44. Lord Constable of Tor Vellesca. Responsible for keeping and maintenence of the king's armaments and those of the villages around Tor Vellesca and throughout the direct royal lands. Of a somewhat taciturn demeanor by nature, Kadreth has refused to wed since the death of his wife Helaina. He lacks the charisma that some of his family members possess which is honestly the one thing working against him. It cannot be argued that his men will follow him to hell and back, but he commands their respect by being an example. He was not always so standoffish, but the death of his wife is one that he continues to mourn and it has made a serious man of him. He revealed in the riots of 1M that he had fathered a pair of illegitimate children, and fetched them back to the palace with the king's permission. (Previos Bio).

Gavin Vellfyre, 29. TAKEN. Eldest remaining son of Prince Bryce. Lost his twin brother in 328. The two were noted for fighting brilliantly as a team. Of Prince Bryce's children, Gavin is closest with his father but the loss of his twin, and his cousin Rollant, among countless other friends and comrades has left a deep mark on the previously gregarious Gavin.
play-by suggested: Charlie Hunnam, Chris Pine, Cam Gigandet, Chris Hemsworth, (he's blond)

♕ Gaiseric Harrowmont - 22, a knight. Knighted on a battlefield in the north, he first came to court to serve Keegan but in 12M A330, on his sister Parissa's marriage to Prince Jason, he was named her champion. Close with his brother, Alaric. In something of a flirtation with Princess Ziamara. He guarded Parissa during the 4M A331 bandit attack on the king's caravan and acquitted himself well in the 1M A331 riots, assisting the rescue of Lady Shiera.
play-by suggested: up to you

♕ Kaelyn Harrowmont 16-17 (b.314), daughter of Domeric, niece and ward of Lord Attericus. Milk-sister to Ryence and Parissa. Kaelyn is painfully aware that her father's death has left her as one more name on a list to her uncle Attericus. She does not get along all that well with Vespera, who revels in being the daughter of one of the stewards- and now she has been dragged to court to be a lady-in-waiting to Lady Melantha (as of 12M A330) because her uncle wishes to have the younger girls of his house as far from the fighting as possible. Seen as a bit of a stick-in-the-mud by some of her cousins.
play-by suggested: up to you

♕ Vespera Harrowmont, 17 (b.313), daughter of Roland the steward of Godsgrace. Has an older, already-wedded sister and younger brother. Vespera was raised in Godsgrace- the impregnable mountain fortress, with a thousand tales and thrice that many ghosts. The green and gentle court at Ashmark is foreign to her, and she is conscious of her Western accent, as well as the myriad differences she sees between herself and her cousins. Her quiet demeanor is easily mistaken for hauteur- and she doesn't try to correct others for thinking it. Named as a lady-in-waiting to Princess Parissa in 12M A330 as the Harrowmont girls are being kept far afield from the possible dangers in Westridge.

Tyana Solvitreo,19. TAKEN. (b.311, twin to Zanara), Impulsive, adventurous and probably only still in the queen's retinue because her father would take umbrage if she was sent home, Ty is often stuck doing the most monotonous and awful tasks as punishment for this or that flaunting of the queen's rules; her reputation as a flirt has become firmly fixed but she seems not to mind.
Suggested PB's: (a brunette) Jessica de Gouw, Jennifer Lawrence, Crystal Reed
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