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Default (02) Guide to Kingsreach

Focus for trade with Trimeris, holds the northern port which is thriving off trade from the acquired towns in Zaksebar, and renewed trade from Asserya. The climate is warm and temperate, and winters are mild. Growers of fruit and olives, this region also hosts the most iron mines and steel from Tal Valorro is becoming known as the best in Sutherland. The ‘Reach tends to be more prosperous and more obsessed with poetry, pomp and chivalry than Westridge or Southshores- some would say those ideals are even more dear to the heart of many northern nobles than The Faith.

The king rules from Tal Volorro, the old capital of the Asseryan governors. His palace there, called Vellesca as it was during Asseryan rule, is extensive as are its surrounding gardens and terraces. It was begun after the Asseryan conquest, and was a marvel of their engineering- an aqueduct brings water to the city and palace, providing enough to the royal residence to sustain fountains, drinking water, sinks and even pressurized for showers (though these are limited to the royal quarters and a handful of chambers used by the Great Families).

During the Zakkish War, the northern ports suffered as trade from Zaksebar and Old Asserya was all but cut off. With the bulk of the men off fighting, harvest was slow and a few early frosts led to food shortages (most noticeably in Volorro and Blacktide) and the city watch was forced to intervene in public disturbances resulting from the difficulty. However, with the war ended and a Edolene family holding Abat-Charn in Zaksebar as well as peace restored to Old Asserya, trade is freer than it has been in many years and the difficulties of the recent past are fading. Returning soldiers have brought not only trade but the spoils of war and tastes for silk and spices that already are influencing the land. Still... the royal treasury is rebuilding as are the treasuries of many noblemen as they struggle to maintain their position while on a limited budget. Worse for those nobleman, the king has begun recouping his monetary losses by the granting of titles to merchants (in consideration of generous gifts those families have given him, of course...).

- The town of Oldcastle was where the Velstayth kings ruled from.
- The port town of Kingsport is so named because the Vellfyre family maintains a summer palace nearby, which serves as the seat for younger sons and a place of refuge in times of plague or unrest in Tal Volorro.

  • Ruling House: Vellfyre
  • Key Cities: Tal Volorro (capital, 51,772), Blacktide (35,946)
  • Notable Towns: Tal Vayth (12,580), Kingsport (8,067), Oldcastle (7,260), Delving(2,939), Copplestone (1,703) ((TOTAL: 32,549))
  • Important Noble Houses: Wolfe of Blacktide, Seyfert of Delving, Vayth of Tal Vayth, Aldarayth-Firuzahn of Kingsport, Sollis of Copplestone
  • Minor Noble Houses: Vikary of Cliffton, Vaughn of Shadowdale, Hayford of Goldfallow, Talventes, Ambrosios of Iron Shore, Vikary of Vimark, Draven of Covington
  • Former Noble Houses: Valentin, Howe of Oldcastle
  • All Noble Families of Kingsreach
  • Important Organizations / Groups: The Royal Court, Royal Guard, etc.
  • Area: 32,386.7 km2 (12,504.5 mi2)
  • Population: 875,315 (70 people per square mile)
  • Draft Pool: 70,000 (8% of pop.) [<7% ideal to keep area from starvation]
  • Professional Soldiers: (not including the Royal Guard) 700 men-at-arms, 200 archers, 100 sailors
  • Navy: six 32-oar galleys, four 48-oar galleys, one 60-oar galleass / 8-10 merchant ships impressable
    • Blacktide: 3 32-oars, 1 48-oars, 1 60-oar
    • Kingsport: 2 48-oar galleys
    • Elsewhere (held by smaller coastal towns): 1 32-oar, 1 48-oar

Outside the Cities:
  • 53 small towns (1,000 or less) - Cliffton, Palbrook, Iron Shore,
  • 209 large villages (pop: 800 or less) - Vimark, Silveroak, Shadowdale, Sevenstreams, Maidensmark, Greenfall, Goldfallow
  • 992 medium villages (pop: 300 or less) - Covington
  • 2,373 small villages (pop: 100 or less) - Dwyven Lodge,

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