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Current Events:
   ♕Royal Progress (3.17.331-????)

   ♕Bandit Attack (4.17.331)
The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default (01)Game Timeline + Plot

A kingdom reeling from war and unrest teeters on the edge of chaos. To the south the kingdom of Meridiez has already dissolved into civil war between the mad emperor's son and his generals, and to the west the united kingdom of Trimeris is battling the rising power of Elonian warlords and the incursions of the barbaric Zaksalaan Empire.

In Edolon itself, tired crusaders return from years of warfare only to find their home seems as foreign as the sands of Zaksebar and the rolling hills of Old Asserya once were, with mad priests preaching cleansing by fire and heresies whispered in hidden rooms, treasons appearing in every turn... Passcode: smaug.

GAME BEGINS: 8M of 330.
CURRENT GAME TIME: 5 Month of A331.

8M: The armies are returning from Zaksebar and Asserya, nobles finding their way to Tal Volorro for the reception of Princess Valencia's husband and Lady Rosina Vellfyre's leave-taking as she sails south to Meridiez. Prince Jason is engaged to the eldest daughter of Lord Harrowmont. Elonian forces cross the border in Westridge to attack and raze a border village and the noble family there.

12M: The nobles gather for the Holy Days court. Prince Jason weds Lady Parissa Harrowmont. Princess Valencia is confined to bed as her first pregnancy makes her ill. Red Fever makes its appearance in the capital city and the Holy Days end in a quarantine and panic...

1M: The quarantine continues as more and more people fall to what is being called the Merideen Fever. GAME EVENT: Riots in Tal Volorro are triggered after several nobles go to the temple district to pray for the gods' intervention in the plague. The king sets the Golden Sons and the Royal Guard loose against the townsfolk of New Volorro and Firewell, resulting in part of the city set on fire but snow and rain help contain the damage. The quarantine ends on 1.30and the city gates open at last.

3M: The king decides to accompany the royal tax collections in the spring on a progress through his realm. They set out from Tal Volorro to Delving, where they found the lord has gone mad and vital defenses left to rot while the lord built a temple to punish those he viewed as straying from his dark visions of Edelina. Chaos erupts after Lord Seyfert arrests Zanara Solvitreo, ending in the king deposing Lord Seyfert and his son becoming the new lord. That night, Tyana Solvitreo and her kinsmen set the lord's tower on fire, burning the former lord and many of his priests alive. Princess Ziamara departs the court to take the bones of Ser Worthing Wolfe back to his kinsmen in Blacktide.

4M: The court endures a brutal hailstorm on the way to Ashmark, and eventually arrives in Mirrormount. A hunt goes awry when Crown Prince Jason is injured in a fall from his horse. In a fit of temper, King Rothgar also reprimands his nephew Kain by forcing him to wed Lady Alys Fairwind. It becomes generally recognized that the king has a new mistress: Salindra Harrowmont, and that Prince Bryce has taken Carolei Vikary as his new mistress as well. The court continues on to Moonspire.
GAME EVENT: The king's court is beset by bandits on the road to Moonspire.
Princess Ziamara's embassy to Blacktide encounters a chilly welcome from Lord Wolfe but upon departure are intercepted by bandits as well and forced to return to Blacktide.

5M: The king arrives in Fairgrove in Southshores to great celebration but in Solarii, Adhemar receives word of brewing rebellion on Seastone and Tal Dragore, perhaps with Blacktide's support.

* * * * *
For important dates in your character's lives you will need to look at:
- The Historical Timeline
- Battles of the Northern Wars. (if playing a soldier)
- Game Calendar (for more details of recent court events)
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