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Default Vidanrik Tethras

Name: Vidanrik Tethras
Titles: Ser Vidanrik Tethras
Age and Birthdate: 34. fifteenth day of the seventh month, 296
Hometown/Area of Origin: Old Asserya
Noble House and Affiliations: House Vayth, Golden Son serving Captain Rhaegar Vayth.

Height: 6'4"
Complexion: Fair
Hair: Black, sometimes sports a beard
Eyes: Blue
Style (Casual) - Though it is rare to see him not wearing at least the chest piece of his armor, his style is simple and indicative of his station. He sticks to blacks and browns not because he prefers them but because they are cheaper than dyed clothes.

Style (Business) - Much of Vidanrik's armor has been collected over the years either through his own money or from the spoils of victory. The piece he is most proud of is the chest piece - a massive work in leather and plate where upon the breast is a small sun emblazoned. This he saved up for many years to have made for himself. His boots are also his own. The rest of the pieces were more or less scavenged or won through gambling or fighting.

PB: Richard Armitage


Vidanrik is a mercenary, a man who seeks the thrill of battle, the excitement of bloodshed, the high of victory. A soldier to the core, and nothing more or less. Or at least, that is what he'd have you believe. He does not strike anybody as a man with a dark past or a hidden secret, indeed making it clear that Rik is not a shell meant to be cracked open and studied. He is what he is, and he expects you to be satisfied with that and to just leave him the hells alone.

He thinks people who ask too many questions are rude, no matter where they hail from. It is not that he minds curiosity. Quite the opposite: he is himself a learned man and respects the value of education, but when questions cross the realm of study and learning into what should be considered personal and private business, he immediately closes himself off and makes a mental note never to hold a conversation with you again unless forced. He believes that information such as that should only be given when willingly surrendered, and he himself offers the same courtesy of not asking too many gods damned questions, even if the person boasts to be an open book. He also finds that people who say they are an open book are liars or con artists with a hidden agenda and are not to be trusted. Does this make him a hypocrite? He doesn't know... Probably?

He has few friends, if one would even call them that. Comrades, more like. Men that he would follow to the depths of all existing hells if asked (and if the pay was worth it). It is to these men that he has revealed the most he probably ever will about himself, but it is a trust that did not come easily or overnight and a trust that he does not expect to be misplaced. It is also with these men that he finds it easiest to laugh and joke with, and it is perhaps why he feels compelled to continue to follow them.

Aside from all of that, the more straight forward attributes of his personality include: His favorite color is green, though sometimes he's not sure and will say that it's blue. He is partial to citrus fruits, but hates lemon. He cannot stand when people chew in his ear, hates when people laugh unnecessarily louder than they should, and cannot forgive a person who eavesdrops on his conversations. He enjoys music and can actually play a couple of instruments (the flute is totally manly... which is what he is best at. The gamba is manly, too... he's not as good at it, but he holds his own. That's it. He's not had much time to learn anything else). He also sings as well though never in public. He loves hunting, enjoys long walks on the beach, was once petrified of snakes, but even though he still is disturbed by the slithering creatures can at least muster up the courage to cut their head off if they get too close.

296 - Vidanrik Tethras is born to Elaida Tethras in a whorehouse
300 - Elaida Tethras dies. Vidanrik allowed to remain in return for work.
305 - Becomes very ill and cannot work for almost a month. Forces a quick recovery as his 'employer' threatens to kick him out if he does not make himself more useful.
307 - Runs away from whorehouse. Turns to a life of theivery.
310 - Arrested for robbing from a knight, but not after eluding capture for two days. The person who he stole from offered to spare him incarceration in return for military service. Decides to take up service to Ser Corwin Arden and joins the Golden Sons.
311 - Begins playing the flute - for reasons... Look, it gets really boring sometimes, okay?
313 - Meets and befriends Rhaegar Vayth
316 - Returns home in hopes of marrying the woman he loves (though the trip is temporary as he had no intention of leaving the Golden Sons), but when he arrives, it is to discover that Myah has died. He returns more somber than before.
317 - Made a knight by Ser Corwin Arden
318 - Finds a gamba, picks it up... all day long everybody wants to kill him because he sucks at it... But... he does eventually get better? There is that.
323 - Rhaegar's wife dies. Rik is saddened by this not only for his friend's suffering but because he was fond of Talea. Takes on Filipo 'Fili' Rossi as a page.
325 - Edolon joins the war to repel the Zakish forces
329 - Rik is present when Rhaegar and Elijah Vaughn rescue the prince of Edolon. Helps to carry him out of the dungeons.
330 - Re-affirms his service to Rhaegar Vayth and goes with him to Edolon.

Family Tree:
Elaida Tethras - ?
--- Vidanrik Tethras

Squire: Filipo 'Fili' Rossi - 14

Player Information
Player: Cee
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vidanrik tethras
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