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“It DID? But you’re okay?” Zoe stared boggle eyed at Parissa. “I’d have been so scared!” She glanced to Jason at the mention of him saving her then back to Parissa. “Oh Parissa, that’s sooooooo romantic! I am jealous… I want someone to save me… He doesn’t have any handsome cousin’s, does he?” She giggled and batted her lashes at Parissa.

“Mhm… I’ll be going back to Mirrormount with you… back to Lady Mirrormount.” Zoe rolled her eyes, “I think she has to be the least fun lady to be a lady-in-waiting too… ever. I swear you could set a clock to her routine, we never do anything different.”

At the mention of Amina, Zoe wrinkled her nose in thought trying to place her. “Is she one of the Solvitreo girls? Right?” As quickly as the conversation flipped to Amina if flipped to what she was going to wear. Sucking in a breath, her eyes flickered around for a moment as she tried to think. “Um… I am sure, nothing as grand as what you’ll be wearing. But I do have a new gown in the prettiest shade of apple green you will ever see. Maybe that?” Leaning in a little to whisper, “Lady Mirrorcunt thinks that I should only wear soft colors like pink and daisy yellow… she frowns on her young ladies wearing anything bold.” Zoe rolled her eyes and sighed again heavily.
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