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She stopped, going silent and still. Staring at him. "But you told me you were sick... and you went to Tyana's room." Her tears were slower now, and her arm wrapped around her waist instead of flying at him again. "Y-you could have just said..." She trailed off and shook her head.

"You're the one w-with e-every bit of power. M-my life. M-my happiness. If you don't like my attendants, y-you dismiss them. I-if you d-don't like me, you put me away. If you don't w-want me to speak, you make me silent. Th-the only thing... that's mine, is my heart. And you want that too." Parissa put her hand over her eyes.

"No. I'm n-not going to be stupid anymore. I-I believe you slept alone. B-but that doesn't mean you d-didn't see someone before you slept. Y-you tell stories of aelfar kings but y-you talk like them too."
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