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Jason's hands reached up for hers to catch her wrists. "You've spoken loudly and clearly whether or not you've said the words. More than once... You do what you want... You always do what you want... You say you'll listen to me, but you don't... And when I get upset, I'm to blame... For not understanding. For being a liar or a snake... It's never you. It's always me... It's always my actions that are shit... And I'm not allowed to feel the same way. You're always blameless..."

He let her go then. "I have been feeling strange... The more we've stayed here, the worst I've gotten... I haven't felt this way since just after we arrived back in the Reach... And I feared what it meant... I'm afraid it means the nightmares are going to return... And that's why I asked you to leave... Yes, I lied... I lied because I was ashamed. I slept alone last night... My actions might have been shit, but they were made with the intention of keeping you safe... from me. I wasn't with anybody last night... And how dare you accuse me of putting words into your mouth when you've created this story in your own head about things I never did... This is it, Parissa... This right here... Your words... These are the words and actions that tell me that you don't trust me... That you don't like me..."
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