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Zorayda was right: men were idiots.

Parissa greeted her husband's speech by bursting out into a louder series of sobs and bawling into her hands. She was tired, and her face hurt and her chest hurt and crying made her cheek hurt worse and he was making her everything hurt worse...

"Y-you think I'd cry th-this much o-o-over s-somebody I d-don't like...?" And the only thing she could do, was lash out with her hands, shoving his arm and shoulder. "You sent me out! And then you went to her room! Go f-fuck yourself, Jase! M-my hearing w-w-was just fine! Y-your actions were shit!" If she wasn't on the floor, she'd have grabbed something and thrown it.

So she shoved his chest. So maybe he'd hurt her, or maybe he'd kill her or maybe he'd just feel something or listen or understand... or go away or something. Anything. "You don't know anything about me! You don't know anything! I n-never said any of that, you lying... snake!" It probably wasn't a good idea to bodily attack the crown prince, but she was past caring.
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