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I only care what father thinks and how he reacts to my actions, but I was sending a message, Jayr. You would have done the same if not worse,” she replied darkly. “I am currently in the Princess’ household and am friends with the Seyfret’s eldest daughter. Her father has done unspeakable things and though she is hurt I am making amends, doing my duty to the Princess and have spoken the King a few times after the incident. He was only angered that I burned it down without his permission going against his own command. However, I believe he was glad that the abomination was cleansed with fire and he said that if I -behave- whatever that might mean, that he will speak to our father on my behalf. Perhaps that is something we can use.

~Did I really?~ Tyana thought to herself while meeting Kyel’s sharp look. It was her time to smirk even though she was being quite rude towards their family lines. Did he already forget Jayr described the Veracora and Saherazai as vipers? She almost quipped back that she now knew which traits he favored more and probably should leave the room for this was a Solvitreo meeting with a sneer when her uncle called Kyel’s name out. The comment he made about her mother…no their mother would render the air thick and impossible to breath in. Just a little bit of poison and heat to get his blood going, she wondered if he was still angry with her for punching him so hard that he turned almost a royal purple. It was nothing compared to what she wanted to do to him after his little farce to hurt her.

Zanara spoke the truth and that dampened the earlier glee to snipe at Kyel and then Khorane’s words with a soft sigh. “Of course, Uncle,” she murmured softly, but there was no remorse in her previous actions or words. It was probably too premature for Zaza to say anything about Jason, so she kept quiet too…for now.
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