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“Thank you, Uncle,” she replied despite what they had been through.

Tyana remained silent for the moment as she heard what her uncle had to say. Her eyes darkened and the bile rose at the mention of Veracora and Saherazai coming together. It helped to feel that hatred making even her problems with Kyel almost insignificant.

She almost snipped back, but found that Jayr only voiced her thoughts as he mentioned exactly what Veracora and Saherazai were. They could not be trusted. No one could quite honestly. Bright eyes glanced over at Zanara to catch her reaction to everything or of she was going to remain coy. Jason considered Tyana as friend and Zanara as a lover, but it would ruin her chances to being with Thane as husband and wife to become Jason’s mistress.

However, Tyana was attempting to be more endearing to the King and Jason on another level. She did not wish to just be a mistress for her body to be used while manipulating them for political favor. It was something a Saherazai would do. Her skills, her talents, her mind perhaps, but as a last resort, her body would be for both of their fun and amusement. This was no game as their enemies just upped the ante, but finally began to reveal their hand.

”As Jayr said, we have never had any close kinship with the Veracoras and the Saherazais, but I do not think it would have hurt to have been and perhaps stopped this from ever happening in the first place. However, Lady Saherazai was rather elusive while she attempted to work her magic upon the court as friend and lover if the rumors were to be believed. We are young uncle, but do not underestimate us as everyone else at court might.” It was not that she did not trust her uncle or cousins, but what else she might have to say would be said in front of her father first and she wondered if Zanara felt the same way. Did she already tell Jayr what she had been up to?
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