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Tyana was summoned and headed towards her uncle’s borrowed rooms while the King stayed in his chambers. When she arrived, the doors were opened and she saw Kyel acting as doorman. It would have been easy enough to show him contempt, but instead, her features softened and she even managed to give him a convincing smile.

Even if he attempted to hug her, she would not recoil or go stiff and hugged him as warmly as if he were someone she adored. She would even manage to keep the disgust inward where once she would have felt faint and her heart would palpate but now it just left her with an upset stomach.

Keen eyes, quickly surveyed the room seeing rather dour faces setting the mood of what she just walked into allowing her to act accordingly. The smile diminished which was already starting to hurt her face with so much faking into a look of pensiveness and concern. “It is good to see you again Uncle. My apologizes at the tardiness,” she murmured in greeting just to fall silent attempting to discern what was not being said quite yet. None of it sat well with her, but her personal squabbles with Kyel was apparently going to be the least of her worries.
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