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Khorane's smile did not reach his eyes. "We will wait for Tyana. But let me assure you, Jayr, nothing is fine this time. Nor is any tidbit I have to tell you good by any stretch of the definition."

Zanara turned to look up at Jayr, worry beginning to show beneath her carefully calm facade. "Khorane... please?"

"I will only explain all of this once, Zanara. And forgive me but I do not trust either of you to relay your father's wishes to your sister in total. My instructions are clear. I hope you both have remembered your Classical Asseryan and High Merideen during your long sojourn in the north, for we will not speak of this in the common tongues."

Zanara's breath escaped in a hiss. "A-as you wish, my lord... At least tell us how dire this is?"

Khorane looked at his sons, then his gaze fixed on Jayr rather than Zanara. "If all falls against us, then there can be nothing worse to happen. Our house will fall, and you will both beg the king to spare your lives."
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