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Len frowned in thought for a moment, she could have swore that Salome had said she’d heard that Kalden’s engagement had been broken. Tilting her head, “I think so? That’s what the rumors are saying, that we are probably going to be married off to the border lords and ladies, or maybe in the Shores.” She shrugged, “You know how stuff is said, if Jason hasn’t mentioned it maybe it isn't official… or maybe it's just wishful thinking on some of the ladies at court.”

Biting her bottom lip, “Maybe you are still engaged, if you hadn’t heard anything it's possible.” She snorted, “I heard from Salome, whose aunt’s husband’s oldest sister’s middle daughter is sleeping with one of footmen. Made sense to me, engagements are broken all the time though… I just assumed maybe you’d finally talked uncle into marrying Alys to someone else.”

Rolling her eyes, “Please, your stunts are old news now… Tyana is in the center of the gossip for lighting that tower on fire.”
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