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“Well, Salome says… you’ve caused quite a stir among the mountain ladies… or that’s what she heard from their maids.” Lenore looked amused knowing how rumors spread. He continued, but when he thanked her for not asking about the nightmares, she looked away from the fire to him and studied him a long moment as he continued speaking. “I know you would tell me if you could… or if you wanted to.” Lenore murmured and looked back to the fire. “Kalden, you underestimate me. I might look at you differently, but I’d be looking at the real you… not an illusion in my mind. In the end, it’s not me that is hurt by not sharing… it’s you… and them… “ She grew pensive again thinking to her conversation with Jason.

Shrugging, “I haven’t seen much of him either… I just… I worry when I don’t know what you and him are up too. Sometimes no news is not good news.”
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