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"Who is talking about my rugged good looks...the imaginary ladies here at court?" He snorted, before sighing. "That is good. Mother should be up and around in no time. And Lenore...thank you for not asking about the nightmares," he said, a bit of relief in his voice. "I want to be honest with you, and tell you what our cousins might be afraid to tell you: the wars, the things that we did, the things that we saw...they are enough to make your stomach turn, enough to make your blood run cold. No matter how much you say you'd understand or that you'd never look at us can never understand. And you'd look at us differently. Not on purpose, would. Wouldn't be able to help yourself. So it's best that you never know."

That was the reason why Kellan also wandered around drunk and in a stupor. "No, I haven't. Haven't had a chance to. Been kept busy...why?"
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