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"It was an ugly blue and it tasted like anise? It was not an entirely unpleasant taste from what I recall, although I do not seem to recall enough that night," she said with a gentle frown as if she was trying to access a memory.

"It was a dare and I want to say it was Kartheen, because I do not recall none like it. I was first to go, and I blame my brothers for everything I did that night. If they can be believed," she replied dryly. "I think I ended up drinking three times or was it four times? I embarked on an adventure for a golden feather that was given to me by an old story teller. Well, at the end of the night, I found the golden feather which was just a goose feather and apparently I felt as if several men were tickling me with roses simultaneously even though there was no one there. Then I ended out the evening making out with a tree that would not follow me quietly back to my bed. My brothers lost track of me several times throughout the night. Said we were like herding cats on the stuff...not to say we are not just as difficult when we are sober."
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