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She chuckled, "When we fought, Zanara loved making it a point to throw things, so I always refused to fight in my room. So when one starts, I would start walking out of my chambers and just walk right into hers. Of course, I think she just ended up doing that to replace what she tired of. I think being nimble also helped me to avoid injury. Then when both have the wind blown out of our sails, she would crawl into my bed and we would sleep as if we never fought a day in our life. Although, we are older now and serving in different households. There is a distance that was never there before and I am not sure if it is me or her, but one does end up putting more weight on the other." She shrugged not feeling comfortable to spill her sadness regarding the twins' latest fight.

"That makes sense, however, with how much the Vellfyres and the Solvitreos' imbibe, most would find their wine cellars cleared out trying to entertain us all. No wonder some of the vintages were some of the worst I have tasted. Do you suppose they started with the middling to worst or just started with the worst?" she replied with amusement with no sign of offense as she rolled her ankle.
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